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Why Jose Henrique Borghi Is One of Brazil’s Leading Ad Executives

Advertising is not an easy business. The professionals that work in the field of advertising are responsible for performing a duty upon which millions of dollars hinges: selling the services and products of businesses and corporations to consumers. At first glance advertising might seem as though it is a glamorous job. Television shows such as the AMC Networks drama Mad Men have probably given many people the impression that advertising is a field where ad executives sit around plush offices, drink whiskey and dream up ideas. It is true that the profession of advertising requires creativity. Advertising professionals such as copywriters must have the ability to write prose that will able to effectively reach the intended customer and encourage them take an action such as purchasing a running shoe or purchasing a burger. Art directors must ensure that the visuals that accompany a copywriter’s words are also able to compel a potential customer or an existing customer to go into a store or a restaurant and make a purchase. Writing words that are interesting enough to capture someone’s attention and pairing those words with pictures and colors that will also create a certain feeling requires skill. But advertising requires much more than that. It requires the ability to sell an advertising firm’s services and reach out to new customers who will be able to grow their business by taking advantage of those services. It also takes the ability and vision to lead an advertising business into the future despite operating in a business environment that is often volatile and unstable and more information click here.

Brazilian advertising executive Jose Henrique Borghi has these qualities in droves. Jose Henrique Borghi is a Brazilian advertising executive that is the founder and co-President of the Brazil-based Mullen Lowe ad agency. Before he launched the ad agency Mullen Lowe Jose Henrique Borghi once worked as a copywriter for the advertising firm Ogilvy. He would go onto launch an ad agency that was the precursor of the one that he runs today. Jose Henrique Borghi launched his ad agency without having any resources or investors. Today Jose Henrique Borghi has many advertising industry accolades under his belt including more than a dozen Cannes Lion awards, ten Clios Awards and fifteen April Advertising Awards and learn more about Borghi.

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