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Where to ski and stay among California Ski Resorts

Skiing is a very popular winter activity, and Lake Tahoe is among the greatest choice as best ski resort on the west coast. Many skiers flock to California to experience the once in a lifetime feeling of skiing the mountains at Lake Tahoe. Along with the amazing views of mountains, trees, and the huge lake itself, there is a very welcoming hospitality of the people in this California town who understand and welcome the love for skiing. With over 100 lifts and 22,000 acres of iconic mountain terrain, Lake Tahoe is a must see for skiers and snowboarders. There are more then a few ski resorts in this area to choose from, all with their own traits, amenities, views, and history such as Mt. Rose at Tahoe, Sierra at Tahoe, Kirkwood, and Northstar California, to name a few.

One of the very beautiful resorts able to call this part of California home is Squaw Valley. This site boasts its history of being home of the 1960 winter Olympics, and has maintained a vibrant ski culture ever since. The consistent snowfall on Sierra mountain stays into the spring season resulting in Squaw Valley having one of the longest ski and snowboard seasons in the country. This resort includes learning zones set in eye catching alpine scenery perfect for any beginner, as well as varied trails, bowls, and chutes for the more experienced ski and snowboarder, meaning no skier will out grow the levels of trails at this resort.

Alpine Meadows Resort, just a 15-minute shuttle ride from Squaw Valley, is the perfect combination of comfort, style, and family friendly atmosphere to add to your experience at Squaw Valley or Lake Tahoe itself. The skiing and riding experience always come first with the hospitality and the chalet-style lodges to make this the perfect getaway for families and thrill seekers alike. With options for all skill levels, Alpine Meadows is home to over 100 trails spread over 2,400 acres of stunning scenery.

With these top choices of resorts boasting amazing views, its not hard to see why many people from all across the United States choose Lake Tahoe as their destination of choice each ski season.