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USHEALTH Group’s Troy McQuagge Wins CEO Of The Year

Troy McQuagge, the chief executive officer of USHEALATH Group, Inc., was voted CEO of the Year and given the gold medal that goes with it at the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards. The One Planet Awards is a prestigious accolades program that recognizes business and professional excellence worldwide in every industry. McQuagge said he was honored to be chosen and felt the award was earned by the entire team at USHEALTH Group, Inc.

Since joining the USHEALTH Group in 2010, Troy McQuagge has greatly improved the company’s fortunes. First, he rebuilt USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s captive distribution agency. That lead to him being elected USHEALTH Group’s president and CEO in 2014. Under his leadership the company has enjoyed unprecedented success in the individual health insurance market. They have had tremendous growth and a dramatic increase in profitability. McQuagge credit’s the staff’s commitment to providing their customers with innovative, affordable coverage for the company’s success. Follow Troy McQuagge on Twitter.

Born in Panama City, Florida, Troy McQuagge is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. While at the school he not only earned a BA in legal studies, he was also an All-American in academics and tennis. After college, McQuagge was hired by the All-State Insurance Company and spent 3 years there. He then spent over 111/2 years with UICI/Health Market where he was president of the agency marketing group before joining USHEALTH. McQuagge’s peers describe him as a master motivator and committed mentor with a humble and grateful attitude in spite of his professional success.

A visionary business leader, Troy McQuagge is always looking for opportunities to give recognition to his employees for their excellence. His ability to help employees recognize and fulfill their true potential has helped him to build exceptional teams throughout his 30 years in the insurance industry. Part of his genius is his skill at clearly articulating the vision for an enterprise and leading his team to unprecedented levels of success. Currently living in Coppell, Texas, McQuagge is well-respected because of his experience and diverse background in insurance. Check this article at insurance.net to know more about Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge’s uncanny drive to help his staff grow personally and professionally, his proactive approach to addressing business challenges and true passion for exceptional customer service, have made him a perfect fit for USHEALTH. The Fort Worth, Texas based company is known throughout the industry for their focus on providing small business owners and self-employed individuals with innovative, affordable health coverage. McQuagge has helped the company reach their goal of combining their agents and employees talents to best serve their customers.

His recognition by the One Planet Awards for his business and professional excellence is a fitting tribute to his many years of hard work and dedication.

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