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TOWN Residential: Location as a Way of Life and Business

TOWN Residential has garnered a wide range of positive reviews from the top media outlets and review sites in the country, and for good reason. Even though it’s only three years old, the company is opening its tenth branch in Manhattan, this time renting out an entire floor of a swanky, upscale building in the meatpacking district. TOWN is already attracting the attention of clients and brokers alike, but what makes it so successful? In part, their commitment to location for their own business as well as for their clients.


Location As More Than a Selling Feature


Every real estate firm, agent, brokerage, and company knows the importance of location. In fact, the adage “location, location, location” is more than a way of business, it’s an idiom ingrained in our culture. But what sets TOWN apart from other companies in this industry is that their focus on location extends not only to their clients, but to their own business, as well. They choose their business locations very carefully, and they do so in a way that will attract the interest of the clientele they target, most notably wealthy clients looking for high end and high-value deals.


A Solid Sense of Self


Another reason TOWN Residential is so successful is that they know exactly who they are as a company and where they want to be in the landscape of real estate development and sales. This strong sense of self-identity has worked to fuel everything they do, from the brokers they hire to their website design and even to their location choices when they go to set up shop in a new area. This commitment to their brand image and their passion to become a high-end, concierge brokerage helps them make business decisions that are profitable, efficient, and targeted.


The Diamonds in the Details


 TOWN Residential isn’t successful because of location and self-awareness alone. They also place a strong emphasis on details, like the rooftop access in their recently acquired location, which allows them to take clients onto the roof overlooking a stunning view while discussing deals. They take the time to think about where their clients are, and they make sure their offices and services are accessible and easy to get to. Everything they do is peppered with minute details that add the finishing polish on an already outstanding picture of professionalism, passion, and ability. The CEO, Andrew Heiberger, was quoted as saying “I imagine brokers here will take their clients along the High Line to appointments.” It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes TOWN Residential a class act.


The Future Road


Perhaps a more proverbial take on location is where TOWN Residential has found themselves in the real estate market in only three short years in business. In an industry that is notorious for being difficult to succeed in, TOWN has been able to not only achieve success but skyrocket to notoriety in an incredibly short amount of time. They find themselves in a position for seemingly unlimited growth, and it’s safe to say the future is open for TOWN.


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