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The Incredible Expansion of FreedomPop

In the telecommunications industry, there are industry leaders who dwarf many of the smaller providers who try to stand out in the market. This leaves cellphone users with few options for carriers that will give them great service. However, there are still some companies that are continually expanding and giving the larger cell phone providers a run for their money. FreedomPop is a perfect example of a service provider that is only growing bigger each year. This is due to their amazing services that are very affordable for their customers. This international cell phone carrier is quickly moving forward to be an industry giant in the mobile telecommunications industry.

This has greatly helped their expansion efforts. FreedomPop is currently running off of the Sprint network which allows them to have very reliable coverage worldwide. These infusions of cash from venture capital firms have also allowed FreedomPop to stay independent. It will be exciting to see both the domestic and international expansion of FreedomPop over the coming years.

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  1. Louisa Ulises

    RCR Wireless reports that FreedomPop has been able to obtain tens of millions of dollars in venture capital funding over the past few years. FreedomPop is not only expanding in regional areas but worldwide. That is also the moment in which assignmentmasters.co.uk would have been able to get everything as clear as they want.

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