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Successful Career of Businessman Duda Melzer

Since January 2016, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, has been serving as the President and Chairman of RBS Group. This company was founded by his grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, and Melzer is part of 3rd generation family members who owns the company. Duda Melzer, as he is commonly known, founded Digital e.Bricks, where he also serves as the Chairman. He is also an active partner of e.Bricks Ventures. Both entities are investment companies that operate in Brazil and the U.S., where they specialize in the digital sector.

Education background and career development

In 1998, Melzer graduated with a Business Administration degree from PUCRS, and later joined Harvard University in the U.S. for his MBA study. He joined the family business in 2004 as Director General, and four years later, assumed the role of Vice President of Business Development. In 2010, Melzer was appointed the Executive Vice President of the company, and two years later replaced his uncle Nelson Pacheco Sirotsky as the company’s CEO. Melzer previously worked at Delhi Corporation as senior analyst, and also the CEO of Box Top Media and more information click here.

Duda Melzer’s Achievements

In 2014, RBS Group was among two other companies in the media and internet sector, which were recognized for generating the most value for their clients. Also, under the leadership of Melzer, the RBS Group was among the top 10 most innovative businesses in Brazil, according to a report organized and published by the magazine Info. As a result of his great achievements, the company announced major organizational restructuring, which took effect in January 2016, and Duda Melzer became the Chairman of the company, relinquishing the CEO position to Claudio Toigo Filho and learn more about Duda.

Melzer’s Personal Life

Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Melzer has a passion for sports. He has participated in several activities, but race is his favorite. Duda has a wife and three kids.

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