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Stay Safe with Securus Technology

Over three decades ago, Securus Technologies, a company that deals with prison technology, came into being. Currently, the company has its offices located in various regions such as Atlanta, Allen, Carrolton, Texas, and Georgia. This expansion has seen the company grow to employ over one thousand employees to oversee the smooth running of the business.

At present situation, the company provides its services to over two thousand five hundred correctional facilities across over forty states in the United States. The company also provides its services to other regions such as Canada and Mexico. This expansion in services was possible due to the nine acquisitions that the business has made since its inception.

Services provided by Securus Technologies include but are not limited to sending information to the government as well as receiving it, tracking the actions of parolees as well as paying attention to the communications between detainees and the outside world. One critical service provided by Securus Technologies is the video services which allow you to schedule a video call between you and your loved one in prison. In this way, you can do away with the hassle of traveling if you live quite far from the correctional facility.

The convenience provided by Securus Technologies aims at helping families and friends of the detainees, but it also goes a long way in supporting the administration of the correctional facilities keep the inmates in check as well as helping investigators get information that is crucial to prosecutions. Users of Securus Technologies have heaped praise upon the services rendered, saying that they have had an impact on their lives. For friends and families, communication with their loved ones has been eased significantly while for the investigators, combating of crime has been given a helping hand by the Securus.

Thanks to Securus Technologies, we can look forward to a safer world!

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