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Sheldon Lavin’s List Of Charities From OSI Group

     Sheldon Lavin is a business executive who has built one of the highest rated food service distributor and meat processing companies in the world, OSI Group. His ability to see global markets and know how to generate sales among a diverse customer base once earned him the Global Visionary Award from the World Vision Academy in India. But Lavin also is a philanthropist who contributes his time and money to organizations who have made a difference in many lives. Those organizations include the Jewish United Fund which serves the needs of Jewish American families, the Inner City Foundation in Chicago, Boys and Girls Club, and Ronald McDonald House Charities, the McDonalds scholarship and healthcare branch.

Sheldon Lavin was brought to OSI Group, which was then known as Otto & Sons because he knew how to turn investments into something big. He had formerly worked for a big investment bank but had since become an independent advisor. As an advisor to Otto & Sons he helped them plan new openings and cutting expenses in various processing plants. Soon the owners wanted to give him a share of the company and make him CEO. While he initially declined because he was committed to financial advising and only working on a part-time basis, he changed his mind because he saw the opportunity to not only make a company big but to help others while doing so. So in the late 1970s he purchased the ownership’s stake in Otto & Sons and renamed it to OSI Group.

Lavin currently works with President David McDonald to supply meat to various fast food corporations going beyond McDonalds to Wendy’s, Subway and Pizza Hut. OSI Group has purchased several notable European meat distribution companies including Baho Food, a Netherlands based supermarket meat producer, and Flagship Europe which sells ready-to-order foods to a variety of customers. One thing Lavin and OSI Group are known for is keeping staff and employees of companies they acquire and even letting those companies keep their brand name.

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