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Setting the Record Straight: The Koch Brothers

We can survive happily even in a society that often misinterprets what we do and how we are. It is not our duty to let people know what kind of people we are. There are reasons however that may drive us to set the record straight. The Koch brothers found themselves in this very situation. Charles and David Koch often referred to as the Koch brothers entered the limelight in 2010 after the Dark Money book revealed some facts(and misrepresentations) of their role in politics. With politics comes great controversy. Journalists took this opportunity to spread the word that the billionaire brothers were running an anti-Obama campaign that trashed all the work he was supporting. The media coverage, though negative, worked in their favor thrusting them into the limelight even further. The Republicans are no longer silent actors in the political scene.

The Koch brothers are multi-billionaires associated with the Republican Party. To set the record straight, they informed the journalist for The Bill Moyers website that the Koch movement is not a reaction to Obama’s presidency. They have been on the political scene for many years and are not pegging their political hopes on their ability to trash Obama’s presidency. To clarify further, they are sole partners in the Charles Koch project and have no invisible donors. The Koch network also does not scatter money to conservative groups. Lastly, they stated that they are a not a virtual US third political party.

Charles Koch is a wealthy American businessman and philanthropist. He is the CEO, Chairman, and co-owner of the Koch Industries while his brother acts as the vice president of the company. The brothers own 42% each of the shares in this company.

Charles has written two books, The Science of Success and Good Profit. As a philanthropist, Koch supports the Republican Party and libertarian movements. He also funds market-oriented educational groups such as Mercatus Center and the Institute for Humane Studies.

This article recapped http://billmoyers.com/story/five-myths-about-the-koch-network-and-why-it-matters-to-set-them-straight/

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