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Podcast Reveals The Secrets To The Success Of Sanjay Shah

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Sanjay Shah was recently the subject of an interview with the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio where he discussed his work as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Shah was keen to discuss the success he has found as the founder of Solo Capital and as the head of the Autism Rocks charity that is looking to take a further step forward with a 2016 music festival.

Sanjay Shah is the latest entrepreneur to discuss his work with host Eric Dye and offer advice for those looking to follow his lead in becoming successful business owners; the advice and personal experiences were of the highest quality during the interview, which gave Sanjay Shah the chance to explain a little of his own story along with the key lessons he learned during his own entrepreneurial journey. One of the pieces of advice Shah was most keen to provide regarded the level of funding an entrepreneur requires for their planned business, which Shah explained was often higher than most business owners expected. Secondly, Shah also explained the ability to relinquish specific tasks is key to becoming a successful business owner as the chance to delegate is key to finding financial success.

Sanjay Shah did not take the easy route to becoming a successful financial expert, instead he began his studies as a medical student before turning his attention to investing. After spending the majority of his career working with some of the world’s most famous brokerages Shah decided the time had come to spend more time with his family following the 2008 economic collapse. Shah eventually settled with his family in Dubai and established his own investment company in the form of Solo Capital, which is headquartered in London.

Despite the success Shah has achieved in the financial industry he remains best known for his work with the Autism Rocks charity he established following the diagnosis of his own son with the neurological condition. Sanjay Shah looks to help families affected by autism through the charity by finding the best ways to diagnose the condition as early as possible in life.

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