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Notable Dentist Starts GoFundMe for Operation Smile

There are plenty of GoFundMe pages out there, but one in particular is a very deserving campaign. Notable New Jersey dentist Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe for Operation Smile hopes to raise $2,000 for the non-profit. Avi wanted to give back and help people, especially children; therefore, Operation Smile was a logical choice. The non-profit started in the 1980s helping children in the Philippines with cleft lip and palate and other facial deformities. The children receive free, safe surgeries. Started by a husband and wife team, William and Kathleen Magee, Operation Smile now offers services in several countries where medical care is not as safe and affordable as it should be. Operation Smile focuses on working with hospitals and medical offices in other countries to make the operation as seamless as possible considering all aspects including recovery for the patient. Many doctors around the world volunteer their time and money to the worthy charity.

Avi Weisfogel is excited to be able to help such a worthy cause with his GoFundMe page. Avi graduated from Rutgers and New York University College of Dentistry before buying a practice in Avi Weisfogel’s hometown of Old Bridge New Jersey. The dying practice he bought was from a doctor who lost his license.  According to his blog, Avi gave up everything to follow his dream including declaring bankruptcy, but after years of research, he successfully opened Dental Sleep Masters exclusively working with sleep apnea patients by making dental appliances that control sleep apnea.

As a true philanthropist, Avi wanted to share his expertise with the world and opened Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients to help other dentists attract sleep apnea patients to their practices. As chief lecturer at Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, Avi’s goal was to help other dentists set up their practice to accept sleep patients as well as how to design appliances to help those patients. He teaches on the connection between sleeping disorders and dental health. Against popular business practice, which suggests keeping all the glory for one’s self, Avi wanted others to succeed as well.

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