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Nathaniel Ru- The Story and Principles behind Sweetgreens

The story of Sweetgreens, one of the leading organic and natural food eateries in the country, is a true tale of how a small group of college students with a common mission and dedication to the mission can build a great company from scratch. Sweetgreens was started by a group of friends studying at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Among this little group of college friends was Nathaniel Ru, the man who helped start the company and who currently serves there as the co-CEO of the company.

While speaking in a recent interview about the start of the company, Nathaniel Ru narrated that the idea behind the formation of the company was born out of necessity. He and his close group of college friends always found it difficult to find a please to e at where they would find food that was healthy and to be able to eat it in a fun and free atmosphere. Eventually they decided to stop looking and to establish the kind of restaurant that they were looking for.

Nathaniel Ru and his friends knew about a 560 sq. acre farm that was located near their college and it is this farm that they set out to turn into their restaurant farm.

The owner of the farm, who also happened to be the landlord of the nearby apartment where they lived, was supportive of their ideas after some initial reluctance and soon they were on their way to success.

In another interview, Nathaniel Ru recounts that the farm and its landlord may have been what really tipped the scales and that they would probably never have been able to pull off what they did if the two were not there. Today Sweetgreens, the company that they started, operates multiple restaurants in four major cities including Boston, Philadelphia, Washington and New York.

Interview, Theresa Dold, another of the company’s founders and its head of Digital Marketing explained that they owe most of their success to the way that the company operates.

She said that people buy the way that you do things and not really what you do. All the Sweetgreens restaurants are operated under the 5 guiding principles on which the company was founded.

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