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Michael Lacey: A leading Mathematics Scholar

Michael Lacey is a celebrated mathematics scholar who has contributed greatly to the growth of the subject in America. He has worked for various institutions as a professor where he attained respect and admiration from his students and fellow lecturers. He has successfully led to the proof of various theories in math and helped solve problems related it. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

Michael attended the University of Texas where he graduated with a degree in math. He was determined to become a leading mathematician in America, which encouraged him to pursue a doctorate. Michael enrolled at the University of Illinois where he received a PhD in 1987.

This was the start of his success as a mathematician as he helped solve a problem in iterated logarithm for empirical characteristics function through his thesis. He undertook a study in probability in Banach spaces that was done in an excellent manner impressing his lecturers.

Michael has achieved great milestones as a professor and won many awards for his work. He has many years of experience teaching and conducting research in math. He started his career at Louisiana University as a professor.

Michael was confident in his role and was determined to achieve more through introducing new discoveries and proving theories in math. He is attracted to the topic of probability therefore leading research in the subject, which has provided a base for other studies and contributed to knowledge for other scholars.

Michael’s great knowledge and expertise was evident in his work with Walter Phillip. He was honored to meet the prominent scholar while working at North Carolina University. Michael was undertaking studies related to probability, harmonic analysis among others. While working with Walter, he provided proof for almost sure central limit.

Due to his efforts, Michael received a national science foundation postdoctoral fellowship while working as a professor at Indiana University. He used this as an opportunity to further his research by studying the bilinear Hilbert transform.

Michael later joined the Georgia Institute of Technology as a professor, a position he currently holds. He is also a director at training grants where he supports students.

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