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MB2 Dental – Providing corporate solutions without negotiating on patient care

Dental Management services might be a new term to many dental professionals but is gaining a tremendous traction these days. One organization that is making its mark in the field of dentistry is MB2 Dental.


MB2 is a dental service organization that is relatively new in the business, however, has experienced exponential growth in a short span of time. MB2 was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, in the year 2009. Dr. Chris is an active practitioner who’s primary visions is to give best of both the worlds; sole practice and corporate dentistry services. Since Dr. Villanueva has experienced both the sides of the world, being a practitioner as well as managing the business, he thought of starting a company that could help dentist from around the world by providing support for all other activities without compromising on the soul of the profession.


Every dentist or an orthodontist requires specialized assistance without getting in too much of trouble. Looking at the soreness of the situation, Dr. Chris decided to form MB2 Dental. Ever since the inception of the organization, the firm has been able to extend their support to more than 70 locations across six states – Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Alaska, Louisiana and New Mexico. The company currently employees more than 500 employees that are administered by a pool of professionals with strong leadership skills who strives to achieve continued trend of excellence.


MB2 is a company formed and owned by the dentist. It firmly believes in being self-managed, achieving personal growth and providing support with all the fun. In a recent collaboration with CDI group, MB2 Dental is ready to provide an affordable plan that can be patronized by patients for quality dental care.


The whole and sole purpose of the organization is to offer a vast suite of services to the affiliated offices and help doctors in running their practice efficiently without compromising on the standards of treatment and patient care. MB2 deals in a variety of services like Marketing, creation of dental plan, custom designed reporting, website design and maintenance, training, customer service administration, Maintain compliance and credentialing, etc.


MB2 Dental Solutions not only help doctors in getting back to dentistry but also help associate dentists in getting the right path in their career to achieve their idea of success. The recruiting team at MB2 ensures in finding doctors and matching them with right opportunities.

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