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Living in Luxury

Multi-million-dollar properties are the epitome of the American Dream. Beautiful homes complete with the best luxuries the buyer could ask for reward hard work and showcase owners’ pride. But these coveted properties now have more perks associated with them as outlined in a Business Insider’s recently published article.

Developers and sellers are adding flashy additions to make properties more attractive to potential buyers; from comforts that excite your inner child, like candy walls and slides, to extravagant conveniences fit for royalty such as private restaurants and Tesla chauffeurs. The luxury real estate market is changing and TOWN Residential is at the forefront of NYC apartments for sale. Whether you’re looking to market your new beautiful development that has its own art gallery, hoping to sell your beautiful place that is also home to a beautiful luxury car, or searching for the perfect place to call home, TOWN Residential has professionals to fit your every need in both New York City and Miami.

Nestled in the heart of New York City, TOWN Residential is the fastest growing real estate company in Manhattan history. The expertise of their associates is shown each day in the care they take with each listing to see success from each start to closing. If you would like to see successful inventory management, sales, and leasing including the newest luxury trends (bundling yachts, cars, furniture, as well as the conveniences listed above with your property), the experts at TOWN have you covered.

In order to live in luxury, your real estate professional must understand luxury and its market. The new reality of high-end real estate includes additional amenities than just the granite counter-tops, marble staircases, and manicured lawns. Finding the best multi-million-dollar home to fit your needs may be difficult, but with the right agent, your possibilities are endless.

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