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Jeremy Goldstein is a Who’s Who in Corporate Law

Anyone who’s ever had legal issues knows first hand how tough finding a dependable and experienced lawyer can be. Finding the right lawyer for a particular legal issue can make all the difference and determine the outcome of a case. If you agree with all this you’re probably wondering, “how can I find a good lawyer that can make a difference?”


The New York State Bar Association’s reliable lawyer referral and information service (LRIS) is the answer. Established in 1876, it has become the largest voluntary state bar association in the nation. It has grown to a membership base of close to 75,000 professionals.


Not an association to rest on its laurels, it has launched a 24 hour confidential internet service that will allow individuals to seek out a lawyer online. The new online portal is confidential and has the potential to change the way potential clients find lawyers in the near future. Individuals can still use the LRIS telephone service if they choose. The online service is easy to navigate and individuals in need can find a reliable lawyer in a few steps. On top of everything else, referrals don’t cost a thing and individuals can choose not to retain a lawyer with no hassle.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the more prominent members of the New York State Bar Association. He is proof that the voluntary state bar association has some really skilled lawyers on tap and ready to serve the public.


Goldstein serves as a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & associates LLC. The law firm primarily focuses on advising compensation committees, CEO’s, and management teams in executive compensation. He is definitely leaving his mark on corporate law.


Goldstein received his law degree from New York University and graduated with distinction from Cornell University.

Learn more: http://clsbluesky.law.columbia.edu/2015/09/10/goldstein-and-associates-discuss-short-termism-performance-goals-and-executive-compensation/

ACI Compensation Committee – Presentation 2016 from Jeremy Goldstein

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