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Jason Hope Wants You To Stop Aging

When asked what is something that Jason Hope believes in that no one else on Earth would or could believe in, Jason Hope, Arizona-based mobile communications entrepreneur, responded with this simple statement, “I am most passionate about furthering the research into anti-aging through preventive measures.”

In other words, he is dedicated to reverse the aging process on a cellular level.

Dedicated to his cause of pursuing anti-aging efforts, Jason Hope had sought out to hel the SENS Foundation by donating $500,000 to the SENS Foundation.

“While most organizations focus on curing disease, SENS Foundation goes beyond treatment and uses technology to slow down or reverse the aging process.”

Using the money that he makes from his portfolio of tech companies and the knowledge that he acquired from an MBA from Arizona State University, he would able to understand that he wanted to be at the forefront of biotechnology in order to curb the human aging process.

The end result, which he believes, can be a person who is living 1,000 years in the future.


Efforts in Anti-Aging

While it’s incredibly simple to blankly state that a successful entrepreneur is able to invest in his dream money with earnings he made from his business and his portfolio is on an uncertain path.

Google’s robotic arms are teaching themselves to do things and it’s terrifying https://t.co/nMWTvNoz9v

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 10, 2016

However, how is it that Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation plan to achieve the anti-aging process and massively prolong the human experience?

Rejuvenation biotechnology is the focus of these efforts and according to Jason Hope, the foundation should be solely on rejuvenation rather just curing diseases that are just putting the person in slowly declining quality-of-life, and read full article.

“As we grow older, our natural metabolism slowly wreaks havoc on our bodies, and this is what causes age-related diseases.

What drew Jason Hope to the SENS Foundation is their focus to repair the damage that was cause in a proactive opportunity to prevent the formation of diseases.


Why It’s Important

Jason Hope isn’t the only rich entrepreneur who is excited solely about anti-aging. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are enthusiastic about reverse the aging process that they had donated their own time and money to launch the California Life Company, or more shortly pronounced as “Calico” to change the aging process, and Jason Hope on Facebook.

“I’m invested in the SENS Foundation for a number of reasons, said Hope, “In simplest terms, I believe in their work and understand how essential it is in terms of advancing human medicine. It has the power to completely redefine the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech industries”, said Jason Hope on his reasons why he is so invested with the SENS Foundations and their combined efforts against anti-aging, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

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