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Intelligent Workout Clothing With Help From Don Ressler

Working out is an important thing to do. People who are able to exercise tend to feel better and look better. They also tend to have stronger immune systems and find it easier to fight off an illness. While working out has many advantages, finding the right clothing is not always easy. The right clothing can help make any workout better for a given person. This is something that businessman Don Ressler understands very well. At his company, Fabletics, the aim is to offer clothing that is intelligent and thoughtful. He knows that clothing, like so many aspects of modern life, must be smart and have a lot of thought behind it before it is offered to the consumer.

His Own Insights

The clothing here came about in part because Ressler had a sudden realization. He saw that people around him were working out more. Ressler also saw that many people wanted smart clothing that could easily go from the gym to the boardroom. This is where he began to realize that he could fill a need that wasn’t being filled well at the present time. His own idea started to gel. He also started to realize that he could start a company devoted to this purpose. Ressler quickly found financing and a partner for his ideas.

Creating A Company

Ressler and his partners, including famous actress Kate Hudson, started Fabletics with the idea that all women deserve to have clothing that is comfortable and works well no matter what they happen to be doing at any one time. He knew that understanding the world of retail is quite crucial when it comes to figuring out what women want today. This is where he knew he could offer something special. He knew that women would listen to his company because his company was listening to them.

Modern Clothing

Today, Ressler and those at Fabletics continue to see workout clothing as a vital and integral part of any woman’s total wardrobe. This is why they continue to figure out how to best create clothing that is full of ideas like fabric that is good enough to create a striking look whether worn alone or when accessorized. He and his fellows at the company know they can confidently offer something that the modern woman wants to have on hand no matter where she is or what she is going to do today.


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