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How Rick Smith is Helping the Prisons and Their Administrators

When Rick Smith took on the role of the CEO of Securus, he did not know it would be something he could make into a long-term career. He only wanted to help the company get what they needed and move on to something that would be better. He did know, though, he could do a lot of different things that other CEOs may not have been able to do in the past. It was part of what Rick Smith was tasked with and part of what made him the best he could be. He also knew there would be different ways for him to make Securus that much better without the issues that can sometimes come from the business and from the way he was running things. As long as Rick Smith was putting things together for Securus, he knew he could keep helping them. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

The kiosks were the first major improvement that Rick Smith put into the company. With the kiosks, people could get the help they needed and they could also do everything without the use of a prison guard. They were completely self-service and that cut down on the amount of work the prisons had to do to keep the prisoners getting the options they needed. It was the prison’s way of making things better and giving back to people who had worked there for a long time. It was also a great way for the prison to be sure they were actually helping people instead of struggling to give them what they wanted through different ventures.

Rick Smith Securus had a long history with prison industry companies. He had always wanted to work in the industry and that’s what was important to him. For Rick Smith, this was a big part of his career. It was the way he was going to give back and how he could make a difference for everyone who he had worked with in the past. All of the other companies were just leading up to Securus and how he could actually help those who were running the prisons that he worked with in different areas around the country. Read more at securus.net about Rick Smith Securus.

Even though there were some issues that Rick Smith ran into with the things he was doing, he knew he would need to try other options. He had always done his best to make sure he was helping people and that’s what set him apart from others. While Rick Smith knew there were different things he could do, he also knew he was going to give everyone the best options he had to offer. For Rick Smith, this was a part of the journey and exactly what made him become the best person who was able to help others.

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