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Home Cleaning And Repair Services On Demand

If you are like most homeowners or renters, then you probably have more important things to be spending your time doing than cleaning and fixing things in your apartment. Most people go to work in order to pay their bills, and when they get home from work they want to relax. Instead, we are all pulled into doing chores to keep our homes organized and in proper working condition. It is as if we are working two jobs: one to pay the bills and another to keep our places in good condition. Life is easier with Handy at your fingertips.

Handy is a company that makes it easy to find a contractor to clean your home or fix things in your home. The company has an application that is free to download. You can use their site to find a contractor in your area to help you with mostly any problem that you can think of. The contractor or cleaning professional is well qualified to assist you also. Handy has made sure of this by pre-screening each applicant, so you will be working with someone who is trustworthy and worth the time.

The Next Web wrote an article about Handy where they actually sat down to interview one of the founders of the company. In the article and interview, Oisin Hanrahan sits down with The Next Web to discuss Handy’s performance and what they have to offer consumers. Hanrahan talks about how Handy was founded and started by using $50,000 in seed money, and he discusses how the company has moved to New York City because it offers much more in ways of expanding their brand. Handy puts consumers directly in contact with a large amount of professional contractors.

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