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Helane Morrison: An Example Of Standing Up For What Is Right

There is a slight change in society. One of the things that is changing is that people are learning to stand up for what is right and fair. One of the reasons that they are learning to stand up is because there is someone who is an example of this. This person is compliance officer Helane Morrison. She is someone that large corporations do not want to mess with. She proceeds with confidence when it comes to violations being done in the industries. This is one of the reasons that she is one of the most trusted compliance officer in her field.


One reason that she has managed to build a successful career as a compliance officer was that she was mentored by the right person. The right mentors could prepare someone for the world that she is walking into. Her mentor, Harry A. Blackmunn, has shown her the nature of the business. For one thing, he has been very passionate about standing up for the rights of people. This type of stand has resulted in him getting a lot of opposition that is actually intense. Among the things that he has received were threats from various people. This is what Helane Morrison has learned during the time she was mentored by Harry. She has learned the most from him.


She has taken these lessons and has prepared herself for what is to come. She has grown a thick skin for all of her career. This is what resulted in her success. She is someone who has acted courageously in her pursuits for a better handling of business. One of the opportunities that she had to shine the most was during the downturn of 2007 and 2008 when a lot of institutions were found out for their unethical actions towards their customers.


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