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Glen Wakeman’s Career in Financial Services, and His Mentorship Program

Glen Wakeman is one of the entrepreneurs who has made a thriving career for themselves. For over 20 years, he worked at GE Capital. While at GE Capital Glen was in charge of over $12 billion in assets, and over 17 000 employees in 9 countries. Glen also lived and worked in many countries in South America, Europe, and Asia (http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/09/13/glen-wakeman-shares-insight/). The job gave him the opportunity to manage big company operations, and to develop his management skills. He also became an expert in business development, as well as harnessing technology to benefit his business interests.


Glen’s Career at GE Capital, and his Startup, LaunchPad


While still at GE Capital, Glen Wakeman was also the CEO and President at Nova Four. it was after several years that he decided to launch his own business, LaunchPad. Nova Four is a startup that helps Glen to give advice and capital to business developers. He also uses the platform to help CEOs who need coaching. His approach while coaching them is to give them tips that can help them avoid some of the common mistakes made by most business leaders.




Glen Wakeman is successful, but he has learned to share his knowledge with others who wish to be like him. He is not only a successful investor but also a writer. He shares his knowledge, and insights on issues surrounding fiscal matters through his blog posts. He also offers his expert advice on management, administration, and strategy (Facebook). Glen is also a mentor to many entrepreneurs who are still in the business development stage. With his passion and experience, he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to get their businesses going.

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