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FreedomPop Is Reminding People of Real Technological Freedom

It’s easy to forget that people used to think that the internet should always be free. However, a recent review of a phone company caused the author to recall those distant days. What’s even more impressive, the author even began to think that they might be coming back. To understand this idea one first needs to understand these early days of telecommunications.


The author writes about using dial-up internet and the various trials and tribulations which come with it. One essentially had to pay an initial fee just to get entry into the internet at all. This led the author and many others to decide that the internet itself should always be free. Most people and almost every company has drifted away from those ideals. But one fairly new company is bringing the idea back into the mainstream. The company is FreedomPop, and the FreedomPop review shows why it’s a viable business idea.


The first thing to keep in mind about FreedomPop is that they offer a variety of different services for free. Their actual phone service provides 200 minutes of voice and unlimited texting. It also comes with 500 MB of free 4G data. There’s one interesting aspect to the texting though. While texting is unlimited, it does take away a small amount of the total free data every time something is sent or received. It’s a small amount, basically around what one would expect from email. It’s unremarkable in terms of overall impact on the data cap. But what it suggests is one of the key points of why FreedomPop is able to offer some of their best deals.


Most phone companies are rather old. They were put together long before even the most primitive forms of the internet were available. As such, it’s little wonder that they’ve had a hard time changing their underlying infrastructure to become compatible with modern ideas of internet use. But FreedomPop is a fairly new company which has been able to start with modern technology right from the beginning. As such they’ve been able to offer a lot of cost saving methods. One of the most obvious can be seen from how texting operates. Many of the services are based around the idea of the internet as a general foundation to build upon.


The idea of using the internet as a foundation for general services also offers up some possibilities for expanding what FreedomPop can offer. For example, a small fee of $5 a month opens up over 10 million wifi hotspots. These hotspots essentially become the main point of internet service when available, so nothing is taken off of the free data plan if one is near them. And when one is near those wifi points than the user will essentially have unlimited internet use. This includes the basic use of any service associated with an internet connection as well.


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