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Freedom Pop Gone Global

FreedomPop is going global offering it’s new hotspot and sim around the world. FreedomPop is a mobile start up company based out of the Los Angeles area. The company is now connecting to cellular networks outside of the US,which will allow users across the world to have one data connection. This service will help data users that run out of the data on their plans to still have the ability to access the internet on mobile devices across the world.

They also want to break into the market in Asia and Latin America.

The hotspots current price is $49.99 but will eventually go up to $99.99 in the near future. The sim card is an additional $10.00. The free global plan offers 200MB data and can connect to any mobile device. FreedomPop has raised over $50 million to help launch this global expansion. Securing this financing assures Freedom Pop will be a major player in the market place. Freedom Pop’s COO and co-founder Steve Sesar believes with financing in place the company is in position to stand amongst the leaders in global service providers.  Global Pop intends to be a household name in the near future.

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  1. Franklin Smart

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