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Find out more on the Benefits of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the most reliable corporations which serves more than one million inmates in North America and 2,600 law enforcement, corrections agencies and public safety. Its headquarters are based in Dallas and it is always committed to connect and serve by providing public information, biometric analysis, information management, emergency response, investigations, incident management, inmate services, monitoring products and also communication. Securus Technologies ensures that the world becomes a safer place for you to live in by connecting and focusing on what really matters.

Benefits to Inmates

Having someone special in any correction facility is not easy either for you or for the inmate. It is therefore important to ensure you keep in touch with them as a reminder of how special they are to you. Securus understands the importance of this and they have provided you with communication services where you can video chat with the inmate even from home. This means you will not have to visit every time especially when you have a busy schedule. You can also decide to create a prepaid account with Securus which will be the best way for you to receive and make phone calls to the inmate at any time. It is very easy for you to manage your account and you can even leave voice messages to the inmate in case they are not available to answer your calls.


Securus Technologies offers solutions to public safety issues by helping law enforcement agency as well as cities consolidate, visualize, collect and even distribute information to support all the needs to critical information for mobile law enforcement, public safety and even emergency response. Securus has investigative solutions which analyze, identify, pinpoint and store important data which is useful during investigations. They have the best technologies to ensure they conduct reliable investigations on complicated issues such as data analytic as well as voice biometric verification. The offer the best solutions to correct facilities in North America ensuring that all inmates are in a position to freely communicate with their friends and loved ones. This will help them keep and remain in touch with their families and find out how they are doing. Watch this video on Youtube.

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