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YouTube: Home Of Many Rising Stars

The number of YouTubers out there has grown exponentially since it’s inception and release to the internet community. The rate of actual famous YouTubers is growing pretty rapidly now as well. Some of the more famous ones like Pewdiepie are even starring in their own series on television. You have probably even watched some Honest Trailers for a laugh or two. Maybe a few clips of Conan O’brien before heading out the door to work. The point here is that YouTube is no longer for those of us just making home videos to post for a laugh or two. It has become a real income for many people.

There, you can video posts on pretty much anything under the sun. It has made quite a few people very recognizable to the masses. Who would have though just a few years ago even, that names like Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and Pewdipie would be some of the most famous on the internet? This is quickly becoming a common starting pace for many talents out there with limited startup and no agent.

Another rising star in the YouTuberverse is Wend Huang, of The Wonderful World of Wengie. On her channel she shares her love and passion for health and beauty with the world. Her sparkling personality coupled with her total commitment to health and beauty make her the total package. Starting off each day with ginseng tea and soy coffee to load up on those antioxidants is just part of her daily routine.

The Australian beauty is quickly gaining popularity from her reviews, blogs, tips and how-to videos. Just 4 years ago when the site began for her, Wengie never dreamed of being a star on YouTube.

Here’s to great health for everyone!