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Wengie is a very popular lifestyle and Beauty Guru on YouTube. She currently has over five million subscribers and gets millions and millions of views a day. Many of her videos focus on Life Style and Beauty topics although she does create content on a variety of different topics. One of her most popular videos to date is her do it yourself edible school supplies video in which she shows viewers how to make cute school supplies you can actually eat. Not only are they easy to make and adorable to look at but they are also very tasty.


Throughout the video Wengie uses simple products she has around her home to create a variety of cute and edible school supplies. She starts out with edible crayons which is so cute and fun to create. You need some simple ingredients such as gelatin, duct tape and straws as well as a few other items. The crayons are very simple to make and only takes a short amount of time.


The next item Wengie creates is edible pencil shavings. They not only look very cool but they are very simple to create and only require a few small ingredients. Be sure to follow this one closely as it can be a little tedious. Another great edible school supply Wengie creates is an edible pen. They not only look cute but they are also very tasty. They are very simple to make and require a very little amount of items.


One of the best DIY tricks in the video is to make Edible glue. Not only is it fun but it is very easy to make. All you really need is a glue container as well as a few cleaning products and a few delicious and tasty candies. Wengie walks viewers through every step to make it very easy and simple to do.


These are just a few of the great tips and tricks Wengie shares with her viewers. With this DIY and so many other great videos it is easy to see why she is one of the top YouTube content creators in the world.