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Rocketship Education Makes a Difference in the Lives of the Youth of Today

Rocketship Education has received considerable recognition due to the blended-learning style of the school. This charter public school system was co-founder by Preston Smith in 2007 and now consists of 13 schools. Rocketship Education is an education system that provides educational services for students until the 4th grade. This public charter school is implementing activities that will prepare students for both middle and high school. Rocketship Education is also associated with the Appletree Institute which is a preschool that is part of the facility. A solid educational background for youth may be the root to overcoming issues of poverty in low income communities. That is why it is important to invest in the youth of today. Public charter schools are preparing today’s youth for a future of education and growth.

Rocketship Education considers many facets of the community and family unit. That is why they believe parents are a core component to student success. This public charter school system involves parents in a variety of ways including the interview and selection of school faculty. This unconventional approach ensures parents have the utmost involvement in their child’s education. Parents are even trained on the process of interviewing during an interview panel. Parents have been a swaying factor on which teacher will receive a job. There has been criticism about this process. However, it seems to have a positive influence on parental involvement.

Rocketship Education does not cease to improve familial units by solely involving parents in the faculty interviewing process. This public charter school goes above and beyond by trying to be an aid in the employment process for parents. Rocketship Education has created computer labs that are open to parents when they are visiting their children. The intent of the labs was to have an outlet for parents to utilize while searching for a job. This is a very holistic approach to family and community betterment.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has donated $100 million to support local education, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg and his wife have committed ample funds to promote education and provide technology.