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Enjoy an Exciting, Eco-Conscious Vacation

We are becoming more aware of the dangers of climate change, species loss, and environmental degradation every single day. Our planet is in danger, and every disposable plastic cup or fossil fuel spill is just another step towards destruction. As consumers it can sometimes be difficult to learn how we can make sure our choices are environmentally friendly, but luckily there are companies out there designed to help us do just that!


Wild Ark travel is a company that understands the importance of conservation, and they are bringing a number of eco-conscious vacation opportunities to people across the globe. You can join their journey to Watamu Bay, Kenya as part of their EcoVisitor program and see for yourself the conservation work devoted to maintaining the sea turtle populations. Plan a safari vacation of a lifetime – a photography safari, of course! Take a trip to South Africa and sign up for their photography course to capture some of the most breathtaking images without harming a single creature. If you are feeling really adventurous you can sign up to travel through South Africa or Botswana on foot while you learn to track and trail wildlife in the African wilderness.


For those who aren’t looking for something quite so extreme, Wild Ark offers an amazing fly fishing trip in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Learn about how to protect the Alaskan wilderness while casting your line! Fishing, trekking, hiking, bird-watching, and so much more is available to anyone looking to travel off of the beaten path and support conservation efforts across the globe. There is nothing more thrilling than exploring the natural world, and Wild Ark wants to inspire you to fight for our planet by giving you a thrilling adventure experience. Discover the importance of biodiversity and conservation while having the time of your life!


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