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Eli Gershkovitch one of Canada’s Brew Masters

Canada has had a big influence on the global beer community; this is attributed to several brew companies and brewmasters who have emerged in the country to reinvent the way beers are made. One such brew-master is Eli Gershkovitch, the Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Group of Companies. His main aim is to revolutionize Canadian beer and put Canada on the map of craft beers (https://www.manta.com/ic/mtqs8v5/ca/gershkovitch-eli-a-law-corporation). He had successfully done this by making up his own brew recipes from1995, an era when craft beer was the last thing on people’s minds.

He is an exceptional businessman who has a casual attitude and a sincere appreciation for freedom. Eli lives by the motto that You either grow and develop to meet market’s expectations or the demand and market expectations will wince to meet you. Through this motto, he has led his company to great heights, and he swears that his company will continue to grow despite the growing competition in the brewing sector.

Steamworks was established in 1995 in Gastown, Vancouver. As time passed by, Eli Gershkovitch expanded his pub to transform and change it to be able to cater for the then growing market. When it was founded the pub had only 184 seats now it has 754 seats. The brewery has also acted as a tourist attraction due to its large size. Steamworks also has numerous restaurants and bars in different locations in Vancouver.

Before founding Steamworks, Eli Gershkovitch had traveled to different countries throughout Europe and took a keen observation of the changes taking place in the drinking sector. In Germany, he visited his first microbrewery where he sampled different brewed mixtures, and that was a lot different from what he had tasted in his own country. This was the main inspiration to start his brewing pub several years later.

Today, Steamworks has a large number of mixes available for the public to enjoy. The blends include Steamwork’s Pale, Ale, Lion’s Lager and the newest Flagship IPA. These brews are sold in 14 states in the US and all over Canada. The company has also received numerous tributes and awards over the years including the gold medal at the 2013 Canadian Brewing Awards given to the company’s Pumpkin Ale (VancouverFoodster).