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A Look At The American Institute Of Architects’ 10-Year Plan

     During the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) unveiled their 10-year plan to create solutions and programs targeting public health, natural disasters and resiliency in urban settings. As part of the program, AIA is supporting university research initiatives with grants and plans to promote the development of mobile apps. While speaking to Smart Planet, Robert Ivy said that hackathons would be a convenient way of engaging architects, designers and engineers to come up with great ideas that will help them attain their ten-year goals. Ivy is the CEO and the executive vice president of AIA. In addition, the visionary leader spoke about the role of architecture in improving public health and the economic sector.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has proved to be superior leader owing to his massive achievements at AIA. AIA is a network of licensed architect and design experts, emerging professionals and allied partners. The Washington-based organization, which works to improve the built environment, has over 250 chapters and more than 90,000 members. They achieve their goals through information, advocacy and community initiatives. Under Mr. Ivy’s leadership, the AIA has evolved to a competitive organization, achieving success in the global architecture era of change and challenge. He is credited for enhancing AIA’s reputation as a proactive, influential and responsive institution. Robert’s primary role is to enhance public awareness of the significance of architects. His notable achievements with the company include establishing a governance culture that has triggered a series of accomplishments. These successes include improved decision-making, development of a digital-first infrastructure and the conception of an award-winning public outreach program.

The leader is known to invest heavily in the people to empower them, thus placing them in a better position to handle today’s complex challenges like climate change, the impact of architecture on public health and sustainability. AIA empowers its members by sponsoring their education, providing them with web-based resources and motivating them through awards program. Moreover, the company conducts market research and offers extensive analysis of economic factors that influence the field of architecture. Before joining AIA, Robert Ivy served as the vice president and editorial director at McGraw-Hill Construction. He also worked as the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Magazine. Under his leadership, the magazine received numerous industry honors. His pursuit of creating awareness of the value of architects has been awarded severally, including receiving the Alpha Rho Chi, the national architecture fraternity. Notably, the author of Fay Jones was among the seven iconic architects who received the Master Architect honor in the 21st century.

Financial Journalism Takes Jeff Yastine to Greater Heights

     Total Wealth Insider’ editor, Jeff Yastine, became the director of the firm in 2015. The editorial company, Banyan Hill Publishing has helped Jeff exercise his skills both as a financial journalist and an investor with the stock exchange markets.

Jeff also contributes to the Sovereign Investor Daily on a weekly basis with a mission of equipping entrepreneurs and investors with ways of performing excellently in their business operations. Banyan Hill Publishing also owns a magazine called Winning Investor Daily which provides companies and organizations with ideas on how to increase their profit margins. This weekly paper also provides knowledge on how to navigate through the economic trends successfully despite the storms that businesses come with. Financial editors of this publishing industry have played big roles in the lives of investors and entrepreneurs by giving them insight on how to go about their businesses.

Just like any business oriented individual, Jeff also has people he looks up to as a source of inspiration and motivation. These are great people who have constantly thrived in their businesses and investments. People like Michael Dell and Warren Buffett are just but the tip of an iceberg because there are many other entrepreneurs who have helped him grow.

The editorial work that Jeff does has helped investors in choosing the best opportunities to venture in. Some of the options that he has provided them with include agricultural investments, the stock exchange markets as well as pharmaceutical companies. Not forgetting investors who choose to operate businesses in the property market, Jeff has been of great assistance to them for he keeps updating them on the state of the economy. This has helped the real estate investors keep track and analyze their investment opportunities before their actual establishment. In addition, he helped the real estate investors familiarize with events that occur in their countries that may affect their businesses in one way or another. Not only has he been of help to local investors but also to international investors. Cuba is one of the countries he has visited with the aim of providing information to investors as a journalist.

Jeff has made stupefying achievements as a financial journalist including the various accolades that he has received from different organizations who recognize the great work that journalists do. All these that he has been involved in as a part of his career have chiefly contributed to his growth as a journalist.

Meet Matt Badiali, an Ardent Geologist, and Investment Experts

     Matthew Badiali is an entrepreneur, a geologist expert, and business analyst. He is a gifted investment researcher, a public speaker and a writer of numerous publications. His love for creating new products and developing new ideas has seen his entrepreneurial interest spans across energy, mining and agricultural industries. Currently, he serves as senior editor at Banyan Hill.


In 1992, Matt Badiali graduated from Penn State University with Bachelor of Science degree, Geological, and Earth Science. He went for Master degree in geology at Florida Atlantic University. He began his career in 1996 as a geologist at Lemenze Environmental Drilling Co. At Lemenze, Badiali involved himself with client contracts, proposal preparations, visiting of sites as well as environmental sampling.

At Stansberry & Associates

On July 2005, Matt Badiali joined the Stansberry & Associates as an editor. The Stansberry & Associates focuses on natural resources, energy, metals, and investment. Matt Badiali created a Monthly advisory, the Stansberry Resource Report, one of the world’s most extensive read publications on natural resource investment. The venture generates and finds profitable investment ideas for individuals investors.

Matthew Badiali had earlier worked as a lecturer at the University of North Carolina. At Stansberry & Associates, Badiali went around the world doing research about natural resources mining and to experience latest technologies as well as discoveries. Badiali visited specific companies, access gold mines, examine oil wells, analyzed on-site field maps to access first-hand information. He traveled to Singapore, Hong Kong, Iraq, Yukon, Vancouver, Mexican Desert, Papua New Guinea and many other locations to source for information.

Matthew Badiali has met renowned precious metal experts, company CEOs, and Investors. His adventure has enabled him to reach the famous oilman, Boone Picken, had a meeting with Ross Beaty, the Pan American Silver chairperson and CEO of Sprott US Holdings, Rick Rule. His research work and findings have been presented to big companies like Exxon Mobil and Anadarko as well as major geologic conferences.

At Banyan Hill

In 2017, Matthew Badiali joined the Banyan Hill Publishing firm as a Senior Editor. Banyan Hill is an independent research and publishing firm whose specialty is on publishing investment newsletter and research advisories. Based in Delray Beach, Florida, Banyan Hill has over 200,000 members. He is expected to present profitable opportunities to the companies paid subscribers.

Matthew Badiali regularly contributes to Growth Stock Wire, a free publication that does briefings on global profitable investment opportunities. Through his new publication, Real Wealth Strategist newsletter, entrepreneurs are looking forward to new insights on trading opportunities from the expert.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Leading Grupo Televisa to Success in the Mexican Media Industry

     The literacy rate of the Mexicans is 92%, and a majority of the people above the age of fifteen can read and write. Most Mexicans speak Spanish, and a few of them speak other indigenous languages like Nahuatl.

Newspapers are popular in Mexico, but the circulation is relatively small. Some of the common print media in the country include Reforma which was launched in 1993. Another large distributor of newspapers in Mexico is El Universal, popular for its big advertising section used by real estate agents and employers who have job adverts. Magazines are also available in Mexico but are not as popular as the other forms of media since few people read them. Some of the magazines in the Mexican market include Letras Libres, Vertigo, and Mexico Desconocido.

Internet service is also provided in Mexico and is accessible in many parts of the country. There is an open internet policy that has been put in place by the government of Mexico thus no internet sites are blocked in the country. The internet providers in Mexico are Maxcom and Telmex. They offer high-speed internet for those who are living in the remote areas too on a dial up service.

The most popular TV service in Mexico at the moment is cable. It has an estimate of 1.5 million television subscribers. Satellite TV is provided by Sky Mexico, the sole provider of the service. Television broadcast in the country is mainly provided by TV Azteca and Grupo Televisa that is managed by Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. The TV stations air sports, news, and soap operas. The content also includes U.S programs like reality shows. Despite the presence of free broadcast channels, most Mexicans prefer pay TV because they like to watch the programs on it.

There are many radio stations in Mexico, and the big ones are available on live streaming. Some of the leading radio stations in Mexico are Televisia radio, Formula and Centro.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is Grupo Televisa’s executive vice president. He is also the founding partner of Angoitia and Mijares and is part of the Board of Directors for American School Foundation.

How UKV PLC is Becoming a Favorite Among Wine Enthusiasts

     UKV PLC is not your ordinary wine producing company in the sense that it is one that is striving to place an incredible amount of effort in many of its different departments of production stages. It is important for wine enthusiasts to know what exactly it is that is separating high quality wine products from low quality ones in this current period of time.

High qualities of wine products consist of their producers having them undergo thorough and complete processes of fermentation. Such processes convert the sugars of the fruits that are used to make the wine into alcohol. It is important to note that aside from wine products being required to undergo full fermentation processes, it is just as important to ensure the tanks that they are produced in undergo full sanitation sessions in which the wine is given an opportunity to be produced in an environment in which harmful bacteria will not mix into it. Any harmful bacteria that is included in wine making processes can have effects of making its consumers sick. This is why it is highly recommended for you to ensure that you choose a quality product, as opposed to one that isn’t considered to be of high quality, which can be based/judged off of the fermentation and sanitation steps the company takes it product it.

UKV PLC hires only the more cooperative customer service representatives to fill the positions that are required to guide and assist its particular customer base. If you are not quite sure about how you may be able to go about contacting UKV PLC, please feel free to refer to the website, as there is a contact option available on it. The website is easy to navigate within and a visitor should have no problems with finding what they may need.

Check https://about.me/ukvintnersplc for more.

Sheldon Lavin’s List Of Charities From OSI Group

     Sheldon Lavin is a business executive who has built one of the highest rated food service distributor and meat processing companies in the world, OSI Group. His ability to see global markets and know how to generate sales among a diverse customer base once earned him the Global Visionary Award from the World Vision Academy in India. But Lavin also is a philanthropist who contributes his time and money to organizations who have made a difference in many lives. Those organizations include the Jewish United Fund which serves the needs of Jewish American families, the Inner City Foundation in Chicago, Boys and Girls Club, and Ronald McDonald House Charities, the McDonalds scholarship and healthcare branch.

Sheldon Lavin was brought to OSI Group, which was then known as Otto & Sons because he knew how to turn investments into something big. He had formerly worked for a big investment bank but had since become an independent advisor. As an advisor to Otto & Sons he helped them plan new openings and cutting expenses in various processing plants. Soon the owners wanted to give him a share of the company and make him CEO. While he initially declined because he was committed to financial advising and only working on a part-time basis, he changed his mind because he saw the opportunity to not only make a company big but to help others while doing so. So in the late 1970s he purchased the ownership’s stake in Otto & Sons and renamed it to OSI Group.

Lavin currently works with President David McDonald to supply meat to various fast food corporations going beyond McDonalds to Wendy’s, Subway and Pizza Hut. OSI Group has purchased several notable European meat distribution companies including Baho Food, a Netherlands based supermarket meat producer, and Flagship Europe which sells ready-to-order foods to a variety of customers. One thing Lavin and OSI Group are known for is keeping staff and employees of companies they acquire and even letting those companies keep their brand name.

For more, visit https://www.spokeo.com/Sheldon-Lavin.

Bruce Bent II – Leader of Double Rock Corporation

Mr. Bruce R. Bent II is famous in the world of Finance for his innovated solutions in financial issues and retirement plans.

Mr. Bruce R. Bent II is currently occupying the leadership positio of a Vice Chairman and President at the large Double Rock Corporation. The company is a leader in the sector of finance and provides technological solutions. The Double Rock Corporation is a strong provider of innovative solutions in terms of cash management, among else. The clients of Double Rock Corporation are broker-dealers, banks, retail markets, and more.

At the Double Rock Corporation, Mr. Bruce R. Bent II is the senior executive of the subsidiary companies which are entirely owned by the Double Rock Corporation. The subsidiary companies are Access Control Advantage, Inc., Island Intellectual Property LLC, Intrasweep LLC, Landing Rock Group LLC, as well as LIDs Capital LLC. Although, the responsibility is great, Mr. Bruce R. Bent II has shown a lot of expertise and talent in terms of handling all of those subsidiary companies along with his other responsibilities at the Double Rock Corporation.

Over the course of his extensive career, Mr. Bruce R. Bent II has developed a vast set of skills. He is excellent at cash management as well handling businesses related to retirement services. His analytical and leadership skills are highly valuable to the Double Rock Corporation. Mr. Bruce R. Bent II has become a figure that others look up to. Mr. Bruce R. Bent II has dedicated the largest part of his business and finance career to the Double Rock Corporation.

Mr. Bruce R. Bent II is also a valuable part of the Young Presidents’ Organization. The Young Presidents’ Organization is a large network that involves almost 10 000 young business from all around the globe. He has been a mentor and contributor. He is also a member of the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter.