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Dr. David B Samadi does a Lot in his Daily Service for his Patience

As a chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. David B Samadi does a lot in his daily service for his patience. However, to gain the benefit of his knowledge one does not have to make a visit to his office or even the building he works in. That’s because he is willing to share this cadre of information regarding medical practice with every person across the globe via the web. For example, there are two subjects in which he is willing to give sound, informative and authoritative advice. These are the subjects of menopause for women and and tips for maintaining sexual performance for men.

This advice would be found in two articles that the doctor has online. Really, these articles are in the form of a question and answer format for some of the most common FAQ’s found on the subjects of menopause in women and classic advise for maintaining the capability for sexual performance for men. He answers 10 questions for the women and 8 for the men, which is not exactly out of the question or unusual seeing as how one subject is just a little more complex than the other.

At the top, the first question that women seem to have when it comes to the stage of life known as menopause is at what age does it begin. The second question that follows in this order is what about the difference between perimenopause and menopause itself. And, the third question turns out to be regarding the symptoms that a woman can expect while going through this phase of her life. The next question that proves to be one of the most common is that of hot flashes as and how they feel and how they different from one person to the other. Other serious questions are asked about menopause are how does it affect bone health and does it cross over into heart health. The remaining questions really regard the complications that may arise regarding hysterectomy and menopause weight gain and hormone replacement to counter the symptoms.

That when it comes to the advice that the doctor has for men about maintaining their sexual performance it is pretty much the same boilerplate it has always been. He advises to eat right exercise regularly see a doctor do not drink or smoke and stay away from illegal drugs. However, there’s one last piece of advice he throws in about practicing one’s kegels to maintain performance. He says do it.

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