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Tips for Succeeding in Network Marketing as Explained by Vijay Eswaran

Network marketing is what has raised Vijay Eswaran from a mere cab driver to the billionaire cab driver that he is today.

Throughout his success path, Vijay has carried along thousands of people who otherwise could not have attained the level of success they have achieved to this end.

Besides that, Vijay’s success is a plus to those who benefit from the businessman’s philanthropic program since the more he grows, the more he donates. Although it is said that the path to success is long and murky, Vijay believes that it can be shortened by having a positive mind and making wise decisions.

Breaking Childhood Conditioning

How one is brought up can hinder or boost someone’s success; there is that conditioning of the mind that is sometimes hard to get rid of. Read more: 3 More Years: NYCFC Owners Man City and Vijay Eswaran’s QNET Extend their Partnership

According to Vijay, his parents had instilled in him the belief that the surest path to success is securing a stable white collar job. He explains that this was the driving force that made him work extra hard to acquire a decent education so that he could land a good job.

It was after acquiring his master’s degree and securing a job that he got a chance to work as a part timer in network marketing and alas! The part time job started paying better than what he thought was his main job.

Vijay admits that it took him a lot of time and soul searching before he could untie himself from the conditioning that his parents had put himself into; it was tough for him to quit employment. Now that he finally succeeded in establishing himself as his own man, Vijay advises people to be careful not to be convicts of their upbringing.

Need For Philanthropy in Network Marketing

Philanthropy is a practice that Vijay Eswaran hold dear to his heart. According to him, it is only by putting others’ needs first that one realizes success. He argues that helping people in need gives him not only emotional satisfaction but also spiritual nourishment.

To succeed in network marketing, Vijay advice that it is the duty of every executive to help his staff to grow economically so that at the end of the day, employees can get emotionally attached to their jobs.