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How Can Businesses Repair Bad Online Mentions?

It does not matter how well-placed a brand appears, but the danger of losing positive online reputation is always lurking and the only thing one can do once the problem kicks in is to apply measures to repair the lost image. With modern communication channels that are open in nature, like social networks and blogs, a customers who experiences bad service is likely to log on to one of the many review sites then leave a bad mention of your business.

So what do you do once this has already occurred and more people are getting the news? This is where online reputation management skills come in handy. You need to apply quick measures that should cement the relationship between your business and customers. Research by Onlinereputationreviews.com reveals that customers are more likely to post information about bad experiences than they are likely to share the positive moments about a business.

A business with a damaged online reputation is likely to lose many customers within a short duration. According to a study commissioned by Deloitte, at least 41% of companies that experience bad mentions report loss of brand value and revenue.

Repairing damaged reputation

To recover from a reputation crisis a business needs to take some time and apply effort. With the right strategy, this is possible and one of the examples posted on Business 2 Community is the reputation crisis of Toyota in 2009-10 when the company recalled about 4 Million cars in the U.S. due to quality issues. Although the reputation of Toyota was severely damaged during these events, the company still managed to recover after a reputation management strategy was applied.

There are several ways a business can fix damaged reputation. One of them is analyzing the underlying problem to understand its severity then come up with measures to compensate customers and offer better products as Toyota did in the case highlighted above. There are many things that can lead to loss of reputation, which include poor service quality, poor communication with clients and false propaganda from competitors. You need to apply immediate strategies to solve issues when any of them comes up.