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Brad Reifler Explains Why He Thinks The Market Time For Bitcoin Is Passed

Brad Reifler is the founder and owner of one of the most successful firm in the investment banking industry, Forefront Capital Advisors. At Forefront Capital Advisors, Brad Reifler is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the firm. He also spares his time to engage the firms major clients with investment advisory. He tasks himself to serving big time clients who approach the firm looking for financial and investment advice.

Wikipedia shows that when Brad Reifler founded the Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982, it was the beginning of his prosperous investment career. He led this global derivatives firm to discover great success in the business sector. In 2000, Reifler Trading Corporation was acquired by Refco. Pali Capital, another Brad Reifler firm was founded in 1995. This firm operated for 13 years with Brad Reifler as its CEO up to 2008. The firm’s business term was commendable as it recorded successes in various business fields. After Pali Capital is when Brad Reifler came up with his current firm Forefront Capital Advisors and Management.

During his career in the business and investment markets, Brad Reifler has been a crusader for the economic empowerment of the lower and middle classes of the population. Brad Reifier says that this is where the real potential to drive economic growth lies. Reuters shows that Brad Reifler himself has opened various opportunities for these factions of the population to invest in and improve their economic position. Recently Brad Reifler was interviewed about his view on the Bitcoins and their future in the American economy. He started by warning any investors from placing their investments in the Bitcoin sector. He says that the Bitcoin industry is very unsafe for any investment to thrive in.

Brad Reifler stated that by the fact that any monetary authority does not regulate the Bitcoin sector makes it a dangerous investment spot for any investor. He says that investors in this sector are not protected neither are their investments. Brad Reifler also said that the Bitcoin industry is very unstable in that criminal activities can easily occur rendering an investor to a big loss. He said that due to the lack of regulations in the industry, criminals have found a place where they can do their illegal activities. Therefore, any serious investor should avoid the plague before it hits them.

Brad Reifler’s Twitter gives an example of the 2013 scenario where the FBI confiscated a large amount of Bitcoins suspected to be made through drug trafficking and money laundering. He says that this is not an isolated case but one among the many occurrences that always happen. Brad Reifler also says that the Bitcoin sector has no future in the American economy. He says that the malpractices in the sector are scaring off populations, and soon there will not be a sustainable number of clients to run the system.