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What You Need to Know About the Wessex Institute of Technology

With knowledge, comes power. To seek knowledge, is to seek empowerment. If you are looking for an institute that not only celebrates knowledge but also loves to leave you empowered, then Wessex Institute of Technology is what you are looking for.


According to Linkedin, Wessex Institute of Technology is a multi-disciplinary research Center located in the South of England, Ashurst Lodge, in the beautiful and tranquil New Forest National Park. The location is so serene and hence provides a conducive research development environment.


Wessex Institute’s Wikipedia page is established with the main aim of advancing mechanisms of spreading knowledge while focusing predominantly on successful interactions between academic and professional users within the scientific industry. Most of the researchers, academics, clinicians and managers have a scientific background since the institute focuses of scientific expertise.


The Institute is very keen on serving both the national and international scientific community through its tailor made international conference programs. The programs provide an interactive atmosphere for scientists across the globe to meet and exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge in their key areas of operations. Such programs have contributed towards the Wessex Institute of Technology’s ranking.


The Institute has a team of staff members with the institute’s mission and vision at heart. They are the ones who come up with the activities of the users that aim at making the sessions as interactive and knowledgeable as possible.


With transfer of knowledge remaining the key goal, Wessex Institute of Technology developed a publishing arm who main function is to keep a record of the conference proceedings, journals and many of specialized research papers and edited works. Publishing includes paper work as well as electronic formats. Through this arm, Weesex is able to ensure transfer of knowledge to many generations to come.


To motivate more innovations and researches, Weesex holds award ceremonies annually since the year 2004 to honour outstanding research developments. The Institute awards the Prigogine Medal which was established to honor Ilya Prigogine, the Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry. Recently, in 2014, the Institute collaborated with the University of Mississippi to award the George Green Medal to honour other outstanding research developers.