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Real Estate Innovation and the Mind of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is an expert is financial and administrative operations. He is well known in New Jersey for successfully leading company reorganization strategies. Seawright works for Newark Economic Development Corporation as the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President. He has overseen the operations of government organizations as well as private organizations.

Kevin has a strong understanding of a number of business management tools. These tool includes Human Resources Information Systems. HRIS provides human resources needs with the use of computer systems and software packages. Along the east coast he used his financial knowledge to better communities.

He does this by reformulating business strategies. These strategies built responsive accounting and finance divisions. These divisions consistently deliver results by aligning technological initiatives with current organizational and economic goal.

Kevin Seawright has transformed revenue planning corporate processes. He has overseen more than 80,000 students in public school system’s activities. Seawright has received recognition in Baltimore’s CitiStat software for integrating the system’s operations.

The companies biggest asset is the employees that are out in the community. They company goal is to help with financial stability, and training for businesses to have financial stability. The company reduce company costs while helping increase workplace efficiency.

Although Kevin Seawright goal is to help many people at the current time he’s only helping businesses in Newark. He offers a $25,000 loan for small business.

If they need to borrow more than that, they partner with other financial institutions. Kevin Seawright has enhanced the company’s performance while improving standardization and service delivery to customers.