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The Charitable Work of Ross Abelow

The cold season of winter is a time when animals are left out in the cold weather with no place to shelter. It is on this basis that the long time New York City lawyer Ross Martin Abelow started a campaign that was launched at the beginning of the year on 13th January 2016 to raise $5000 to be donated to shelters so that it could take care of the animals in the streets.

The existing shelters at the moment do not have adequate capacity to take in more animals because of the logistics involved. The donations will take care of food, medical care and blankets for the helpless and vulnerable animals that the shelters will take in to their care. The goal and aim of this campaign is to raise awareness and look for support from animal and pet lovers so that the animals in the streets do not suffer from the winter which suffering may result to death.

Ross Abelow is a long-time resident of New York. He was selected to spearhead the campaign as part of his community work which he has passion for. Abelow attended Brooklyn law school and later graduated in the year 1989 after he attained his law degree. He also did his undergrad at the State University of New York. Abelow focuses his carrier on family matters with his specialization on matrimonial and family law plus entertainment and commercial litigation. He became licensed in 1990 to practice law. Abelow is a partner at the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro, Llp. He brings a vast wealth of experience to the legal profession.

Thus the campaign was started with the aim of raising money for animal shelters in the New York City to take in more animals on the streets. This will ensure that shelters will have adequate cash they require to take care of the homeless animals. Through the campaign the amount raised will be channeled to financing the running of those shelters which including buying of foodstuff, blankets and vaccines.

This is a noble idea that seeks to reduce the deaths of animals and pets in New York City since most of the shelters do not have more spaces and capacity to take in more animals due to financial constraints. Thus the campaign by Abelow seeks to fund and empower shelters to take care of the suffering animals in the streets through provision of food, blankets and Medicare.

Autism Research And Sanjay Shah’s Benevolence

Autism is indeed a spectrum disorder as it affects nearly every person differently. The spectrum is quite wide, with some being far more affected than others, with others having such mild symptoms, they are nearly off the spectrum. With that in mind, it is no wonder in May 2013 all autism disorders were merged under one umbrella called autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Previously they had been compiled under the aegis of 4 or 5 subcategories. This condition is associated with intellectual disabilities, difficulties in motor coordination, as well as physical health issues and difficulties in establishing and maintaining relationships. To this point, it is an enigmatic condition with very troubling afflictions, and the more money that is spent researching this condition is money that is indeed well-spent.

It is wonderful when we see very successful people like Sanjay Shah, a British millionaire who stages private concerts around the world, who has made autism a focus of his charitable contributing. Most unfortunately Mr. Shah’s youngest son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism, but Mr. Shah has been philanthropic throughout his career. If his son had not been diagnosed with autism, he would have likely still given to this very worthy cause, but with his son’s diagnosis, one can only imagine supporting autism it is a little more near-and-dear to his heart now.

Over the years, Sanjay Shah has been donating to Plan International, and what they do is accept donations and allocate them to worthy causes. Mr. Shah had no control over where his money went, but he just knew it was going to charitable causes, but now he donates directly through his the charity he created, “Autism Rocks.”

Sanjay Shah is a retired trader, at just 43 years old, and worked for such venerated financial institutions like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Previous to his work in the financial industry, he studied medicine, before deciding to become an accountant. Eventually he found his way into the investment banking and trading world.

Success would be an otherwise empty feat if one was not to exercise at least a modicum of altruism through supporting worthy causes. Sanjay Shah fully embraces this notion, and autism research will certainly benefit from his continued contributions.