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Paul Mampilly: Not Your Ordinary Investor

When you bring up terms like Wall Street or hedge funds these days it is not uncommon to associate terms like greed and selfish money grabbers with it. Since the big stock market crash of 2008 and eye-opening documentaries like Inside Job have shaken the world it has left a foul taste in the mouths of many people.

Seeing how everyday Americans suffered extraordinary losses, one highly successful growth investor and hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly, decided to switch his focus from using his knowledge and expertise helping his previous clientele, those in the upper echelons of financial prosperity, to serving the general public. Fueled by a deep conviction that what happened to the savings and investments of everyday investors was wrong Paul decided to set up his own consulting agency, Capuchin Consulting and to help educate people through his newsletters Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes.

In a recent interview with the investment director at Banyan Hill Publishing, Mampilly explains which trends he is paying particularly close attention to and what direction he believes the US economy is heading next. An example of a trend he thinks will have an extraordinary impact on the economy is the preferences of the millennial generation. With numbers estimated around 92 million people, it is easy to understand that by sheer numbers alone this generation will have a huge influence in our future.

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One of the reasons Mampilly believes he has been able to produce such impressive results is his ability to stick to the same routine every day. From waking up early in the morning to searching for and compiling information about stocks and the impact it can have on the markets.

Besides this healthy discipline, Paul Mampilly also points out and recommends that everyone spend some time concentrating on how they could be wrong. Paul believes that it is very important to invert your viewpoint and keep the other perspective in mind.

When asked about his best recent $100 purchase he admits that he spends a lot of money on books. To Paul, learning and knowledge are simply the best use of time and money.

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How Troy McQuagge and USHAELTH Group Inc were able to win the One Planet Award

Tory McQuagge is currently the USHEALTH Groups President after joining the working force in 2010. He gradually worked his way to the top for nearly four years since joining the firm. What enabled him promoted to be the company’s President is his hard work and positive results he brought to the business. The company had experienced a high percentage of successful growth that led to Troy being promoted to be the firm’s President. A lot of the other employee agreed with this decision considering he was able to do great things when he was not in any leadership position. He was able to join the enterprise through its affiliate company USHAELTH Advisory LLC where he was the President and CEO.

Under the leadership of Troy, the USHAELTH Advisory was able to experience massive record breaking sales annually. This was achieved through Troy making use of his expertise in managing the firm’s capital efficiently and effectively. According to Ben Cutler, the USHEALTH Group’s CEO and Chairman, he argues that Ben has brought his experience and expertise in the company. He continues to say that with the help of Troy’s know-how, McQuagge has been able to take the company to greater heights. This is evident because USHEALTH Group Inc was recently named the winners of the Gold Winner in the One Planet Award. The One Planet Award is a global award that aims at honoring professionals who have executed excellence in what they do. The award applies to all organizations including public and private organizations, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, small and big business among others.

This award acted as a boost for Troy to continue offering his expertise to the firm. It was a very great honor for his work to be recognized as every individual wanted to be patted on the back and told, “Good Work.” Troy always argues that his success has always been achieved with the help of the entire working force in the USHAELTH Group Inc. Through aiming at finding solutions to all the issues facing the healthcare industry, the enterprise was able to become successful.

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