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Fabletics Is Inching its Way Into Amazon’s Territory

Currently, the world of business is controlled by a few industries who are monopolizing the market. One such sector is the e-commerce industry. The king of e-commerce is none other than Amazon.com. Many people advise that if you want your business to succeed, then you do not tackle Amazon. Your best way to grow your business is to partner with Amazon. Kate Hudson has not listened to this advice, and it has gone in her favor.


Kate Hudson is the owner of the athleisure brand known as Fabletics. Fabletics is a company dedicated to empowering women by giving them clothing that not only is aspirational but also encourages them to become a better version of themselves. Even Demi Lovato has gone on record speaking of how fantastic this brand is. However, Kate Hudson was dealing with doubt just a few years ago. They told her that she could not compete with Amazon because it owns 20% of the fashion e-commerce industry. Kate Hudson is proving them wrong.


Fabletics has become worth $250 million in less than three years. Hudson achieved this by using a subscription model to promote her products. People only have to sign up as a customer with their credit card, and in their mailbox, they receive monthly clothes. In addition to this, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is devoted entirely to the customer. The internet has given them ample acclaim that they have the best customer service of almost any company on the internet today.


Besides a subscription model and good customer service, Fabletics has also solved the problem of showrooming, which occurs when the customer comes into your retail store only to browse and then buy your product online. She did this by reaching out to local communities and hosting events. It was by getting to know the people that she built loyalty for her own company. It is estimated that 30 to 50% of people who walk into her store or already loyal customers who are fans of Fabletics. In addition to this, one out of five of those who enter the store not already customers, become customers by the time they leave.


Fabletics makes it easy for you to become part of their company. If you would like to know what clothes are best for you, just log on to their site, take their six question lifestyle quiz, and then receive inspirational outfits in the mail.

A Lip Balm That is Lip Smacking Good

If you haven’t heard of Evolution of Smooth or EOS lip balm then you have been missing out. Packaged in cute little colorful spheres and sticks, EOS offers lip balm that is fun and functional at the same time. What woman doesn’t like unique little cosmetics to keep in their purse or give as gifts? EOS lip balm comes through with this with their lip balms unlike any other. The colors are so delicate and the shell of the spheres that EOS has designed are very soft which offer a unique spin on lip balm that you will not find with other companies. The colors you have to choose from are associated with the flavor inside such as pink for Strawberry Sorbet and blue for Blueberry Acai.
Don’t let the cute design fool you because when using this lip balm you also have powerful protection against the harsh elements that cause dry, cracking lips. This balm leaves your lips moisturized and feeling soft and supple. It is packed full of antioxidants such as vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba oil and is dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. With all of this combined along with its cute packaging you will certainly want to try EOS lip balm. It is a favorite of teens and women alike. You have the option to purchase an individual lip balm or buy a multipack that has several different colors and flavors, check it out on LuckyVitamin.com. These are fun things to have as you can keep them on hand for when you want to switch out flavors or even give as gifts that someone will surely love.

EOS lip balm is definitely something you want to have in your purse or at home to keep your lips protected and beautiful for whatever occasion you may have. For more info, check out the company profile on Linked In.

Amazon product link: https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA


Doe knows what goes. And it’s the rules that should go!

Fashion tends to be circular, what was once old is new again. But what if you, like Doe Deere, want to embrace what never was fashionable? Doe is the quirky sidekick you want to meet for coffee, and as soon as you arrive you would feel frumpy and plain no matter what you were wearing. She is full of sparkling fashionista advice that she wears on her lime green sleeve. She wants the best from everyone, calling her own mother a babe. Doe is your go to woman if you need to know what color of shirt most matches your newly dyed teal hair: Marigold Yellow. Doe knows.

While marching to the beat of a different drummer, wearing fun socks and peep toe heels of course, Doe Deere speaks her own language. Grandma Chic. Makeup for Unicorns. She makes you want to join this “be yourself” movement of stripes and plaids, bold lips and eyes, there seems no rule that isn’t better off being broken by Doe. Color coordination is more than matching your shoes to your purse. It brings together your hair, makeup and outfit, with or without matching shoes. This article takes the pressure off of the rules. Sometimes it seems easier to wear black, until one day you realize that it is the main staple of your wardrobe. Let all that out the window, rules are made to be broken.

Self-Made magazine named Doe Deere as one of the top inspiring female entrepreneurs. Doe Deere is a Russian born, and always evolving. She reads books. She thanks her husband for teamwork, that partnership evolved too, as they were once in a rock band together. Doe reminds us that if we love it, we should wear it, whether it is sparkly miniskirts or evening gowns while checking off your grocery list. Tidy and neutral is rule of the past.