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Doe Deere and Lime Crime: A Millennial Match


You may not realize it, but you’ve probably seen a unicorn before, in the flesh. That’s because the term “unicorn” is related to the term “unicornis”, which is related to the term “bicornis”. “Uni”, denoting “one”, and “bi”, denoting “two”. “Unicornis” means single-horned, “bicornis” means two-horned. These terms originally described different kinds of rhinoceros over 200 years ago, around the time the King James Bible was published. Since then, the term has grown to mean a horse of white (or black, depending) who has a glorious horn sticking from the middle of his (or her) head. Usually rainbows are involved either in the tail, or the path upon which the unicorn gallops. That’s quite a difference from the “bicornis”/”unicornis” of the past, isn’t it? But then, so are the vibrant shades surrounding the modern unicorn. This ideal is replete with neon shades that have a mental flavor to them whose difference is that between rainbow sherbet and Neapolitan. They’ve both got colors (horns), but one is just so much more vibrant and interesting than the other. And that would be the rainbow sherbet, or the modern incarnation of the unicorn complete with its neon colors and futuristic edge.

It is this difference which defines Doe Deere, a fashionista from New York now working and living in Los Angeles. Originally born in Russia, and sporting a cotton-candy pink hairdo that you can’t miss, it’s Doe Deere‘s prerogative to provide the modern woman with fashion that feels right in the moment. She doesn’t look at cosmetics as a means of covering blemishes or flaws, she looks at it as a means of self-expression.

Her cosmetic line began with several self-made dresses in 2002. These were under the Lime Crime brand, which currently defines her modern cosmetic output. The dresses didn’t quite take off as well as her later cosmetic line would, which may have been the reason her and her husband formed Sky Salt, a band that worked in the Los Angeles area for four years.

By 2008, Doe Deere had found herself enough to found Lime Crime cosmetics. The name comes from one of her favorite shades of green. It’s so vibrant “it ought to be illegal”, says Doe Deere. Colors like that, of a vibrant difference to older colors which is as stratified as that gap between a modern unicorn and a rhinoceros, are what define Lime Crime, and what have endeared the cosmetic line to modern buyers.

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Doe knows what goes. And it’s the rules that should go!

Fashion tends to be circular, what was once old is new again. But what if you, like Doe Deere, want to embrace what never was fashionable? Doe is the quirky sidekick you want to meet for coffee, and as soon as you arrive you would feel frumpy and plain no matter what you were wearing. She is full of sparkling fashionista advice that she wears on her lime green sleeve. She wants the best from everyone, calling her own mother a babe. Doe is your go to woman if you need to know what color of shirt most matches your newly dyed teal hair: Marigold Yellow. Doe knows.

While marching to the beat of a different drummer, wearing fun socks and peep toe heels of course, Doe Deere speaks her own language. Grandma Chic. Makeup for Unicorns. She makes you want to join this “be yourself” movement of stripes and plaids, bold lips and eyes, there seems no rule that isn’t better off being broken by Doe. Color coordination is more than matching your shoes to your purse. It brings together your hair, makeup and outfit, with or without matching shoes. This article takes the pressure off of the rules. Sometimes it seems easier to wear black, until one day you realize that it is the main staple of your wardrobe. Let all that out the window, rules are made to be broken.

Self-Made magazine named Doe Deere as one of the top inspiring female entrepreneurs. Doe Deere is a Russian born, and always evolving. She reads books. She thanks her husband for teamwork, that partnership evolved too, as they were once in a rock band together. Doe reminds us that if we love it, we should wear it, whether it is sparkly miniskirts or evening gowns while checking off your grocery list. Tidy and neutral is rule of the past.