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The Career of Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is known to command a significant amount of respect in the cryptocurrency and business fields in general. This attributed to the significant milestones he has achieved in the respective sectors. The August 2015 issue of the financial times described him as an author, journalist, publisher, editor-in-chief, serial entrepreneur, blockchain evangelist, and a Factory Banking investor. He studied BA, Theology in the University of Oxford. He also has a master’s degree in journalism (Business) from the University of New York and Masters of Business administration earned at the BI Norwegian Business School.https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8414837.Daniel_Mark_Harrison

Since October 2015, the business guru has served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd. (DMH&CO). Harrison wholly owns and manages the company, and is additionally in charge of all his assets and those of his family members within the entity. Situated in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, the corporation runs the daily affairs of his family estates.

Mr. Harrison has served as a Managing Partner at the fin-tech and blockchain venture capital firm, Monkey Capital, since March 2016. The company is known to be a blockchain investment bank and decentralized digital asset. For many years, the entrepreneur has made significant contributions to CoinSpeaker, and his tenure has recorded numerous achievements. For instance, he was able to nurture leadership to a monthly number of over 450,000. He has also assisted with optimization of the website and management of the editorial team.

Harrison has been the Editor in Chief and Publisher of Marx Rand, a publication that deals with matters of general interest. The news publication disclosed how an FBI undercover headed the Ku Klux Klan during its bi-annual conception. Additionally, it revealed how U.S. drug companies and FDA failed to resolve the increased incidences of cervical cancer in Haiti and linked the vehicle manufacturer Toyota to slave labor.

When it comes to volunteering, Harrison is always at the forefront. He has served as a columnist on Asian Emerging Markets Motley Fool and BNET.com. The entrepreneur has served in different capabilities and has managed impressive career achievements.


How Louis Chenevert Built UTC into One of the World’s Most Profitable Businesses

Louis Chenevert was the chairman and Chief Executive Officer at United Technologies Corporation until 2014. He was elected to the position of president and CEO of the firm in 2008 and ascended to chairman in January 2010. Before that, he had been the president of Pratt & Whitney between April 1999 and March 2006.Before he joined Pratt & Whitney back in 1993, Louis worked at General Motors for 14 years, where he was in charge of production at the company’s St. Therese plant.

An Expert Deal-Maker
Everything about Mr. Chenevert is big and impressive; standing at a massive 6’5″, an interviewer compared shaking the businessman’s hand to clutching an electrode. Besides his massive physical presence, he is all about bringing big ideas and goals to life. The biggest deal in the history of the aerospace industry was orchestrated by Louis Chenevert, which is 2010’s buyout of Goodrich by United Technologies for an incredible $16.3 billion. By pushing through the deal during a depressed market, he managed to grab the major manufacturer of landing gear and brakes at a bargain price, making United Technologies a full-service aeronautical systems provider, offering everything required on an airliner except the avionics.

The Rise of UTC
Since he left Pratt & Whitney’s engine business from his lengthy stint at General Motors, Louis had an incredible run of success. His ascendance to the top of Pratt & Whitney ran parallel to his unit’s incredible performance, which reflected in the fortunes of the parent company. Besides, he was tapped for the position of CEO of UTC in the midst of a depression but his tenure saw the company’s stock price rise from $37 to $117 regardless.

Education and Professional Achievements
Chenevert holds a bachelor of commerce degree in production management from the prestigious University of Montreal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC). He is also a member of Business Roundtable’s Executive Committees, where he serves as the chairman of the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee. Louis also serves on the board of directors of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and Cargill. He also chairs advisory board of the Yale Cancer Center.

Troy McQuagge at the CEO World Awards

Troy McQuagge is the reigning Chief Executive Officer at USHealth Group, Inc. He also serves in the capacity of President at the same firm which has several affiliate bodies such as the USHEALTH Advisors.

The company is a health insurance service firm which is dedicated in availing innovative health insurance coverage for big-time and small-time business persons holding different kinds of equities and liabilities of their ventures.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. aims at combining the talents of all of its gifted employees for the purpose of marketing the competitive and profitable insurance products. The company’s policy is to always provide its customers’ with superior customer services while marketing and selling the products.

Before Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group at its top executive position, the company was doing well. Troy was performing in his other job before then and the management desired his innovation, and organizational prowess. It made efforts to get him on board with its running.

He jumped on board and quickly got to revamping the company’s sales and marketing operations to yield stunning results. The company, since his entry in 2011, experienced phenomenal growth and began recording the highest profits it ever made before for four years straight.

Moreover, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has, according to reports made by the prestigious CEO World Awards®, made a 1,093 percent growth in its share price since Troy took its executive leadership. HE is credited for the one billion dollars’ worth of annual sales to which the company has grown.

Troy McQuagge before USHealth Group, Inc.

Troy’s most immediate duties before he became USHEALTH Group, Inc.’s President and CEO were holding the offices of President and CEO of HealthMarkets Agency Marketing Group. The corporate executive and entrepreneur had about 30 years’ worth of experience in the sales section of the health insurance sector.

Before he began his career, the innovative corporate leader had attended school in Florida, his home state. He went to the University of Central Florida and immediately after, began selling health insurance products for different firms as a simple sales agent. In 1983, he was working for Allstate Insurance. Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Winner in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards CEO of the Year: Insurance and Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards

By 1995, he had already taken all his experience to UICI/Health Market and kept moving to reach his executive status.

Troy McQuagge at the CEO World Awards

The CEO World Awards are held annually in a bid to recognize the most outstanding CEOs and companies that affect their industries positively. The organizers of the company allow companies to nominate their respective executives. Companies that participate annually are mostly based in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, and Latin America. The awards, mostly recognize certain traits that are ideal for professional corporate endeavors. Such traits include, but are not limited to;

  • leadership,
  • innovation,
  • organizational performance,
  • and corporate social responsibility

Troy McQuagge got named as a gold award winner of the prestigious awards for being the most innovative CEO in the Insurance market in 2016.

In humility, Troy McQuagge accepted the much coveted award and declared that the award did not represent his own achievement, but the commitment that USHealth Group, Inc. has towards providing the most innovative products to its customers.

Learn more about Troy McQuagge US Health: