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Challenging the Conventional Education Wisdom

The conventional education wisdom states that students from poor neighborhoods and low-income families are perpetual failures and cannot achieve high levels of education no matter what. Eva Moskowitz is challenging this statement and for sure, the results of her efforts are vast and easy to notice. Ever since Eva chose education reforms over politics, she been able to achieve much more in a short span of time.


Eva Moskowitz is famously known for founding Success Academy, a public school charter that focuses on the needs of the marginalized students in the economy. The decision to start Success Academy was well informed thanks to Eva’s experience as the chair of the City Council Education Committee.


In order to attain educational excellence, students need to have a good curriculum and supportive teachers. Success Academy offers nothing short of this. As opposed to tending to the needs of other players in the education system, Success Academy has its focus on the student. The Charter’s education curriculum entails at least 80 minutes of tutorship. This is important as it allows scholars understand in details whatever is being taught. In addition to this, the school has invested in critical thinking. Scholars take up chess not as a sport but as an aid to their critical thinking skills.


Success Academy has also invested its resources in hiring highly qualified teachers and other professionals to help in the educational development of the Scholars. Thanks to Eva, students with special needs too are able to enjoy quality education through the special attention of professionals who are always with them every step of the way. The schools also works in close collaboration with student’s parents.


Since 2006, Eva Moskowitz has been able to change the education landscape of New York City. Now thanks to her efforts and her staff at Success Academy Charter the grades of low-income and marginalized students have improved and surpassed their counterparts. Even as the Charter continues to grow a lot more can be expected.