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The Life of the Founder of Neogama

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian businessman who is also the creator and CEO of the worldly acknowledged agency Neogama.

Graduated in publicity and propaganda on the Brazilian University of FAAP, he started his career as an editor and redactor for the Standart Ogilvy agency, in 1982.

Eight years later he decided to work for the agency DM9. That was when he received the title of the best redactor of Brazil at that time.

After being an associate of AlmapBBDO and Young & Rubicam, Gama decided to found his own agency: Neogama. It grew very fast and won many awards including “the agency of the year” and was the youngest agency to win the “Caboré prize.” Neogama would later form an association with the HHB agency in London.

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After the foundation, he became a member of a Brazilian organization called ABAP where he was responsible for defending the interests of Brazilian companies in the industry of communication.

He later became Foreman of the international association D&AD and and was the first Latin-American to win a reward in that area. Alexandre also had an exposition in the Museum of Brazilian Art.

In 2014, Gama introduced himself to the field of musical instruments when he founded the recording studio named VIOLAB and also became a member of a sports car company.

As of 2016, Alexandre Gama decided to remove the association with BBH and decided to focus entirely in Neogama.

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Financial Investment Management Leader Is The Capital Group

It was 1931 when Jonathan Bell decided to start a small company of financial investment in Los Angeles city of California.

Today, the world knows it as the Capital Group which is the leader in financial investment management. The current leader of Capital Group is Timothy Armour who holds the positions of Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Portfolio Manager. Capital Research and Management Company is a part of Capital Group but operates as a different organization.

Timothy Armour is also the Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of this organization. Armour is serving at Capital Group for over three decades. He joined the company’s associate program in 1983, and his performance got him the job of an analyst. He went to Middlebury College to acquire a degree of bachelor’s in economics.

Timothy Armour is known as a visionary person who can see ahead of his time. He told people that post-Trump changes would affect the market, and 2017 would be an eventful year. Corporate earnings on international as well as domestic levels would change due to increased rates by the Fed. There was a false assumption that after elections, the growth would increase. People do not understand that growth inside the United States is different from the growth outside the country. Japan is getting out of the economic crisis while Europe is growing fast. Capital Group needs to keep up with the international economy. The current situation shows that sectors like energy, materials, and industrial stock have strong returns while health sector is lagging behind. The investment grade bonds are showing modest activity.

According to Timothy Armour, making a correct financial decision is not rocket science. The reason why he did not choose Blockbuster over Netflix sixteen years ago was the index fund of the company. Blockbuster was at its peak while Netflix was struggling at that time. Investors at that time believed that video renting business would die out soon. A good average for long duration is not what active managers should choose. The value of the area is a more important factor. The United States just made the economic recovery, and it is vital to understand that. There are many lessons for the investors such as low-profit margins and not many opportunities to increase revenue.

Investors have many challenges and opportunities in unstable oil prices and higher rates. Active managers should do an in-depth analysis to understand all that. Nowadays, Timothy Armour and Samsung are finalizing Asset Management Program for the employees of Samsung.

The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a distinguished individual with many titles as well as much respect not only for his work within the world of business that has helped millions of individuals all over the world, but also for his involvement with philanthropic activities that he has been specifically devoted to for the past two decades. Eric Pulier holds many titles and is a businessman, an entrepreneur, an innovator, a philanthropist, an author, as well as a father. Eric Pulier has had the rare luck of knowing exactly what he has wanted to do ever since he was young and in present day wants to make sure that the future is bright for his children as well as the many more generations to come within his family. Eric Pulier is a motivated individual who hopes to make many individuals happy with the work that he has already completed and the work that he will continue to complete.


Eric Pulier knew that he wanted to combine business and technology ever since he was young. Even before college, Eric Pulier created a software company that was launched when he was still in high school. By 1991, three years after college, Eric Pulier launched his first official company that was known as People Doing Things. This company was the first of many that specialized in informing individuals all over the world about important issues. One of the most important topics that Eric Pulier believes people should be informed about is the issue of healthcare, a matter that is currently considered to be an expensive luxury that should be a cheap necessity.


As a father, Eric Pulier wants to future to be bright for his children. As a father, Eric Pulier has a soft spot for helping children who are less fortunate than his own and who have chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier has donated much time and effort to help these children in need and has even created a communication platform to connect chronically ill children across hospitals. Eric Pulier created this in order to make sure that each child never feels alone when in their condition.