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Waiakea Water’s Incredible Successes

Waiakea has done a lot of great things when it comes to providing water. They recently announced that the world first 100 percent degradable bottle will be available next year. Its another big step in their companies ambitions and makes sure that they keep their status. In the past they have even won some awards.

Waiakea has a relationship with TimePlast, the first and only patented additive for the nano-degradation of plastic on the planet. Waiakea’s new bottles will degrade 97 percent faster than the average bottle. The bottles are still recyclable, this has started to make sustainable waste management possible.

With most bottles, the plastic will eventually degrade into a carbon-based wax. However, the process takes over a thousand years and our environment will be damaged by then. The TimePlast additives makes sure that the chemical bonds are less complicated. The footprint on the environment is much smaller on the environment.

This process was complicated and lengthy, so the impacts of the products won’t become immediate. It has taken 5 years and over 1,200 scientists to study everything, and make the most ideal chemical compound designed to make less of an impact. Being socially-conscious is an important goal for them.

Waiakea is a Hawaiian brand designed to making water bottles. However their brand has the goal to be more environmentally friendly. The plastic that people litter with hurts the environment for plants and animals. The founder, Ryan Emmons, started the brand 2012, because he felt like the drinking experience was special.

The water source is a volcano near the small town of Hilo and its special. The pH scale ranges from 7.8 to 8.8 which is generally seen as close to neutral. The water has sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, and boasting almost the ideal amount of silica to the water.

The artwork on the packing is very colorful. It really has a focus on the natural enjoyment someone gets from drinking. The label on the bottles is very distinct and even lists the pH. The bottle has a blue tint and is big. The factory uses 33 percent renewable energy.

Waiakea Water: Going Beyond Expectations

Many people say that it is good to drink water. However, a lot of times, people do not experience the health benefits of water because of the types of water they drink. Many times, people drink water from low quality sources. For instance, people often drink tap water. While it is not the worst type of water, it is also not the healthiest water. Besides having quite a bit of contaminants, the water from the tap also is lacking the needed nutrients to bring about the health benefits. For one thing, people run the risk of diluting their sodium levels when they drink too much water.

Fortunately, there are certain types of water that are not only good for hydration but also maintaining electrolytes. This type of water is known as Waiakea water. Waiakea is good for consumption because it has electrolytes. The interesting thing is that while other companies will present pure water with electrolytes in them, Waiakea actually gets volcanic water with the electrolytes already in the water. This is something that is really special. This also brings out the health benefits that water is said to have for people that are willing to take advantage of this type of water.

Waiakea as a company is run with a lot of wisdom. For one thing, a lot of thought has been put into the wants and needs of the customers so that they both can be met. Waiakea water has a really good taste to it that makes it stand out as one of the higher quality waters available. The water that comes in the container tastes and feels very refreshing for anyone that gives it a try. The company also prioritizes giving back. The business and marketing practices of Waiakea has brought it 5000% growth in very few years.