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Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Product Proves to be one of the Revolutionary Products on the Market

Talk Fusion is a company that enjoys a reputation for its video marketing solutions. For this reason, the company has received several industry accolades and recognitions. Last year, Talk Fusion’s groundbreaking Video Chat product scooped the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. As a second award from Technology Marketing Corporation, the award demonstrated Talk Fusion’s growing momentum behind Video Chat since the release of the full version in March 2016.

In a press release, Rich Tehrani, the CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation, expressed his delight while honoring all the recipients for their revolutionary products. He praised the honorees as the cream of the crop in their industries since they represented top solutions and products currently on the market. Ryan Page, Talk Fusion’s chief technical officer, asserted that the accomplishment represented the innovativeness and efficiency of the team at Talk Fusion. The success also pointed out the importance of the company’s process, especially in developing a revolutionary application.

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat enables its users to communicate face -to-face with anybody, at any given place and on any device. The Video Chat application can be accessed via various platforms such as Google Play store and iTunes. Aside from its dual recognition, Talk Fusion unveiled free trials for its WebRTC Recorder and TalkFusionInstantPay.com in less than one year.

The Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award is an award program that recognizes outstanding services and products that facilitate video, data and voice communications. For the products or services to be honored, they must have been introduced to the market or significantly improved in the past one year.

In-depth Focus on Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is one of the leading providers of video marketing solutions globally. Since its inception in 2007 by Bob Reina, the company has demonstrated a strong commitment to aid business growth and changing lives through proprietary video technology. Talk Fusion has innovative products, which are marketed by independent associates in over 140 nations around the world. Bob Reina is known for steering the company into establishing the globe’s first Instant Pay Compensation Plan. Additionally, Talk Fusion is a member of the acclaimed Direct Selling Association.


The Factors That Play Into An Award Winning Product

There is a lot that goes into putting together an award winning product. One of the main factors is what it does for people. If it solves a problem for people, then it is a product that is worth having. It seems that it is once every age that something comes along that changes the way of life for the positive. It turns out to be very helpful for leisure as well as business. One of these products is Talk Fusion. This invention has taken a lot of time to make sure that people of all walks of life benefit from it.


Talk Fusion has won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. There are a couple of major factors that have helped it win. One major factor is that it has helped people keep in touch with each other in a better way. This is one of the important factors when it comes to communications solutions. A lot of people are not only able to talk to one another, they could also see one another. Therefore, they will be able to better catch with one another. This is only one of many other advantages that come with Talk Fusion.


Another advantage to Talk Fusion deals with the marketing aspects. For one thing, people will be better able to get their business off the ground. People will have greater conversions when they deal with Talk Fusion. When people get Talk Fusion, they will be able to take their business to an either higher level than they could before. These two factors along with other factors are what helped Talk Fusion win the product of the year award. Talk Fusion is definitely one of the products that are going to change a lot of the ways that business and communications is done.

Home Cleaning And Repair Services On Demand

If you are like most homeowners or renters, then you probably have more important things to be spending your time doing than cleaning and fixing things in your apartment. Most people go to work in order to pay their bills, and when they get home from work they want to relax. Instead, we are all pulled into doing chores to keep our homes organized and in proper working condition. It is as if we are working two jobs: one to pay the bills and another to keep our places in good condition. Life is easier with Handy at your fingertips.

Handy is a company that makes it easy to find a contractor to clean your home or fix things in your home. The company has an application that is free to download. You can use their site to find a contractor in your area to help you with mostly any problem that you can think of. The contractor or cleaning professional is well qualified to assist you also. Handy has made sure of this by pre-screening each applicant, so you will be working with someone who is trustworthy and worth the time.

The Next Web wrote an article about Handy where they actually sat down to interview one of the founders of the company. In the article and interview, Oisin Hanrahan sits down with The Next Web to discuss Handy’s performance and what they have to offer consumers. Hanrahan talks about how Handy was founded and started by using $50,000 in seed money, and he discusses how the company has moved to New York City because it offers much more in ways of expanding their brand. Handy puts consumers directly in contact with a large amount of professional contractors.

Talk Fusion the Global Player in Video Communication

The app by the company Talk Fusion that has gained in popularity in recent months is an app focused on video chat. The popularity has come from the fact that the app does things smartly and simply allowing users to really focus on communicating. Talk Fusion was talked about in a recent article which further confirms its popularity around the world. The android market discovery tool recently released the rankings of the Talk Fusion app in different markets across the globe. In Switzerland it has climbed to the 20th most popular app in communications, in Japan it is the 5th most popular and in Indonesia it climbed all the way to the top as the number one most popular. The app offers users the ability to use High Definition video quality and the app is dead simple to use and manage. All platforms are catered for so there is no hardware market that can not enjoy the benefits of the Talk Fusion app. Bob Reina the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion believes the company is only just getting started and hopes to do a lot more in the future. They are building up to the launch of their first 30 day trial which will increase the popularity of their offering dramatically.

Talk Fusion offers a host of different products and does not only focus on video chat. They also offer video email, video newsletter and live meetings. There are other companies that provide a similar service but Talk Fusion is the most user friendly and stable of them all. The video chat does not require the user to load any downloads or plugins in order to run the app which makes the change over to Talk Fusion a complete breeze.

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Handy Becomes One Stop Shop for Homeowners

A lot of people do not have time to clean their own. There are also people that may have time, but they simply may not have the desire to do any cleaning. This is where a company like Handy is able to come in and really shine. People have become familiar with this organization because there are millions of clients in the U.K., Canada, and the United States that are now booking professional contract workers to clean their own.

Handy cleaning services has emerged as the company that homeowners look for when they need to book cleanings that can be done quickly. The contractors that work for Handy are reliable, and the comfort and trust that is built with customers goes a long way. It is rather obvious that this company is among the best, but the founder of Handy still recognizes the need for improvement. There is a great focus on what this organization can do to improve service as the company builds better relationships and grows even more.

There certainly are some strong ties that are being built with this organization, and that is why it has become the biggest cleaning company around. The focus is in the right place because cleaning is something that many people just don’t like to do. This will become an on-demand service that is similar to lawn cutting. For years contractors have worked on the exterior of homes, but Handy is the new company that is taking care of the interior.

Handy is branching out and also handling things like interior painting and plumbing, but they don’t have to consult with a bunch of different companies. They can get all of their work done with one company, and that why people adore Handy. It’s a one-stop home interior.

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This article recapped http://thenextweb.com/insider/2015/11/05/how-handys-founder-oisin-hanrahan-is-scaling-his-startup-into-an-on-demand-powerhouse/ 

Securus Technologies Challenges GTL Over Technology Capabilties

 Securus Technologies, publicly released a statement challenging industry competitor GTL to be subjected to evaluation by am impartial arbitrator to establish whether Securus Technologies or GTL provides the largest array of contemporary and technologically advanced telecommunications products, such a telephone, video and email services.

“GTL has used litigation to try to say that their technology and customer service are comparable to ours,” commented Securus Technologies Chief Executive Officer Richard A. Smith, “So I want an independent judge to evaluate both product sets, both calling platforms, and both customer service models it really isn’t a fair comparison to GTL because of what we have invested here at Securus in the last three (3) years.”

Securus Technologies indicated that they have invested heavily towards establishing themselves as an industry leader with the purchase of other sector firms, the acquisition of promising technology, as well as accelerating research development and the dedication of a contemporary technology campus and client services center.

Securus Technologies was established in Dallas, Texas in 1986 and has regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Allen, Texas; and Carrollton, Texas. It has more than a quarter of a century of experience in the correctional facilities sector, serving nearly 3500 corrections, law and public safety agencies across in 45 states.

Bell has an impressive track record, graduating from Holy Cross in Providence, Rhode Island and continued his education at the Kellogg School of Management and Wharton School of Business. His professional experience was earned at At&T, NTT Verio, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon.