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Capital Group Chairman: Tips From the Top

Timothy D. Armour is the Principal Executive Officer, Director and Chairman at Capital Research and Management Company. Timothy earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College. Timothy Armour joined The Capital Group Companies, Inc. in 1983, launching his career as a contributor in the Associates Program. Tim has a lengthy history of thirty-four years in investment. He specialized in global telecommunications and U.S. service organizations. Tim Armour currently operates from Los Angeles, California. Considering the market sell-off in 2015, this businessman has an opinion of his own, “Timothy Armour said the Selloff would correct the market value despite the fact that most of the America’s markets were relatively evaluated.” Tim essentially makes the claim that the Market sell-off in 2015 would ultimately have a positive effect long term. He believes that the transition of China to consumer led-economy is going to be an unpredictable period of time. Tim Armour has a strong belief that there is abundant opportunity in Chinese Internet companies and the financials systems are considerably more leveled since the crisis. Tim Armour’s advice for investors in mutual funds is to look for active managers who reinvest in their managed funds. Resulting in management being involved in researching promising investment opportunities for the account and more information click here.

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