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An Interesting Descent into Tony Petrello’s Booming Career

Tony Petrello is an American businessman who currently resides in Texas. Mr. Petrello is currently employed by – and has been for most of the past three decades – Nabors Industries, a giant energy corporation with its operations headquartered in Houston, Texas, the commercial capital of the Lone Star state. One of the most significant favors Mr. Petrello has lended to Nabors is helping get the corporation incorporated in the island nation of Bermuda, located just tens of miles away from United States soil, an effort that has drastically reduced the amount of income taxes the organization is required to pay and more information click here.

Although some businesspeople simply fall into success, rather than working out detailed career plans, Tony Petrello has led a long career of success, after success, after success… Not only has he succeeded in his corporate efforts, as he’s donated millions of dollars to various charities, donated his expert entrepreneurial skills to hospitals in the state of Texas, and helped positively shape the corporate culture at Nabors – we’ll get into that fun stuff later and learn  more about Petrello.

Mr. Petrello is said to have been a genius in secondary school, performing so well in his coursework that he earned a spot at the prestigious Yale University. It was there Tony studied Mathematics, putting his truly advanced mind to work, having completed his bachelor’s degrees in a short three years. It’s noteworthy that Mr. Petrello’s former college roommate, The Daily Beast writer Lloyd Grove, has always and still thinks highly of Tony and Tony on Facebook.

After earning that first bachelor’s degree, Tony wanted to go further in academia, unsure of what to pursue immediately following his postsecondary studies. Employing his brain yet again, Mr. Petrello earned his second degree – from none other than Yale University – a master’s in Mathematics, remaining at the highly regarded Ivy League school. Tony enacted his genius into work one last time in his academic efforts, this time gaining entry into the world’s most sought-after college – what’s also noteworthy is its acceptance rate of less than 5%, a metric maintained for the past several decades – Harvard Law School. He earned a J.D. degree, then started working for Baker & McKenzie, a popular law firm in New York and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

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