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Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Leading Grupo Televisa to Success in the Mexican Media Industry

     The literacy rate of the Mexicans is 92%, and a majority of the people above the age of fifteen can read and write. Most Mexicans speak Spanish, and a few of them speak other indigenous languages like Nahuatl.

Newspapers are popular in Mexico, but the circulation is relatively small. Some of the common print media in the country include Reforma which was launched in 1993. Another large distributor of newspapers in Mexico is El Universal, popular for its big advertising section used by real estate agents and employers who have job adverts. Magazines are also available in Mexico but are not as popular as the other forms of media since few people read them. Some of the magazines in the Mexican market include Letras Libres, Vertigo, and Mexico Desconocido.

Internet service is also provided in Mexico and is accessible in many parts of the country. There is an open internet policy that has been put in place by the government of Mexico thus no internet sites are blocked in the country. The internet providers in Mexico are Maxcom and Telmex. They offer high-speed internet for those who are living in the remote areas too on a dial up service.

The most popular TV service in Mexico at the moment is cable. It has an estimate of 1.5 million television subscribers. Satellite TV is provided by Sky Mexico, the sole provider of the service. Television broadcast in the country is mainly provided by TV Azteca and Grupo Televisa that is managed by Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. The TV stations air sports, news, and soap operas. The content also includes U.S programs like reality shows. Despite the presence of free broadcast channels, most Mexicans prefer pay TV because they like to watch the programs on it.

There are many radio stations in Mexico, and the big ones are available on live streaming. Some of the leading radio stations in Mexico are Televisia radio, Formula and Centro.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is Grupo Televisa’s executive vice president. He is also the founding partner of Angoitia and Mijares and is part of the Board of Directors for American School Foundation.

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