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A Look At The American Institute Of Architects’ 10-Year Plan

     During the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) unveiled their 10-year plan to create solutions and programs targeting public health, natural disasters and resiliency in urban settings. As part of the program, AIA is supporting university research initiatives with grants and plans to promote the development of mobile apps. While speaking to Smart Planet, Robert Ivy said that hackathons would be a convenient way of engaging architects, designers and engineers to come up with great ideas that will help them attain their ten-year goals. Ivy is the CEO and the executive vice president of AIA. In addition, the visionary leader spoke about the role of architecture in improving public health and the economic sector.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has proved to be superior leader owing to his massive achievements at AIA. AIA is a network of licensed architect and design experts, emerging professionals and allied partners. The Washington-based organization, which works to improve the built environment, has over 250 chapters and more than 90,000 members. They achieve their goals through information, advocacy and community initiatives. Under Mr. Ivy’s leadership, the AIA has evolved to a competitive organization, achieving success in the global architecture era of change and challenge. He is credited for enhancing AIA’s reputation as a proactive, influential and responsive institution. Robert’s primary role is to enhance public awareness of the significance of architects. His notable achievements with the company include establishing a governance culture that has triggered a series of accomplishments. These successes include improved decision-making, development of a digital-first infrastructure and the conception of an award-winning public outreach program.

The leader is known to invest heavily in the people to empower them, thus placing them in a better position to handle today’s complex challenges like climate change, the impact of architecture on public health and sustainability. AIA empowers its members by sponsoring their education, providing them with web-based resources and motivating them through awards program. Moreover, the company conducts market research and offers extensive analysis of economic factors that influence the field of architecture. Before joining AIA, Robert Ivy served as the vice president and editorial director at McGraw-Hill Construction. He also worked as the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Magazine. Under his leadership, the magazine received numerous industry honors. His pursuit of creating awareness of the value of architects has been awarded severally, including receiving the Alpha Rho Chi, the national architecture fraternity. Notably, the author of Fay Jones was among the seven iconic architects who received the Master Architect honor in the 21st century.

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